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What If – May 2017

What if you could change anything in your life, including your health, simply by training your mind to ask curious questions based in positivity vs. fearful questions filled with worry?

The human mind is capable and powerful. Its influence can be far reaching.  Stretching into your cellular memory, including the cells of your immune system.

Despite the obvious potential of the mind, humanity continues to align with worry and fear, invading our world and creative abilities with negativity.  The addiction to negative thinking may seem impossible to separate from.  However, negative thoughts are habit forming. Habits, though obsessive, can be and are broken every day. Dissolving an inclination to think, feel, and speak adversely is a practice.  A practice that begins with the mind.

Because of this I firmly believe in mind control. Using tools over and over again to break addictions to adverse thoughts (and words) while training your mind to use its incredible power to create a fulfilling life.

Take a few moments right now and remind yourself what you talked about with others today.  Was it positive?  Was it productive?  Or were your words and feelings complaining in nature? Knowing what you tend to think and speak will assist you in controlling unnecessary thoughts and ultimately feelings.

Despite human thoughts to the contrary, the human mind and body love positivity and naturally believes in its influence, as the universe is a positive place.

The key to using positive ‘what if’ questions is to make them general, so as not to alert the belief system. Most people have negative beliefs that originate from unhappy aspects of past lives that have yet to be integrated or healed.

Historical energy desires integration.  Synthesizing one’s current energy system to align to positive desires, that we each deserve and truly want, introduces positive vibrations to past lives that are connected to this current lifetime.  True healing comes from a positive change in perception.

A few years back I began to experience knee pain. The pain started in my right knee, making it difficult to do squats in my favorite exercise class.  After a while, the pain crept over to my left knee as well. I visited my acupuncturist, began taking helpful supplements and tried not to think about it. But every time I exercised the pain gripped me.  In my lifetime my pain threshold has been high, and health issues typically pass quickly through my being. But the knee pain was different.

One evening after returning from exercise class, feeling defeated, I suddenly became aware of my thoughts concerning my knees; “what if I need a total knee replacement?”   Wow, I thought to myself.  That’s a pretty negative thought. I immediately asked myself, “What do I really want?” (because negative thoughts, although not wanted, create a frequency of energy that attracts their likeness or holds us in non-forward moving energy).  “What would I like to experience with my knees?” Quickly a new thought raced into my mind, “I want my knees to feel amazing” I heard myself think.  From that moment forward, I began to ask myself a positive question about my knees at various times throughout each day… “What if my knees feel amazing?”  I also paid closer attention to my thoughts and replaced fearful questions about my knees with a desired positive question.

I noticed right away when I asked the question, I really desired an answer. The energy in my body changed. My mood elevated and I felt hopeful. When energy elevates we begin to move into new perceptions.  All the things in life we really want vibrate in high energy.  All the things we wish to avoid vibrate in low energy.

Shifting your approach to a potential or real problem will recalibrate your molecular energy so that you are able to experience a new awareness.  An awareness that is accurate and helpful instead of the fearful vibration of energy most people perpetuate, leading to disappointment or a long unnecessary struggle.

Within two weeks of consistent practice, asking the new ‘what if’ question and interrupting the negative thoughts, I suddenly remembered what a dear friend had told me ten years prior, “If you ever need expert body work I know someone who works magic”.

I made an appointment right away with this magical individual, and after my first treatment the knee pain decreased by 60%.  After a few treatments, the pain in both knees completely disappeared.

When our energy is positive we literally transform our human experience into a new world full of wonderful answers.

The words mind control may bring up scary thoughts of governments gone rogue, but controlling one’s thoughts and learning how to entertain the mind with heathy words and suggestions, could be your greatest tool to creating an outrageous life!

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