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Energy Pulse / Mystic Moment – May 2017

Mystic Moment:
Are You More Than You Think?

Thinking outside of the box is critical to changing the way you see yourself. One of my favorite exercises to unearth more of the authentic self, is to ask the following questions (while sitting quietly). As you go through the list of questions below be mindful of your response and expand any sensation of freedom that may result from the asking.
What if I’m not a woman/man?
What if I’m not a daughter/son?
What if I’m not employed/ or an employer?
What if I not married/or divorced?
What if I’m not education/or trained in some sort of work?
What if I’m not a wife/husband?
Taking time regularly to strip away how you identify yourself can sometimes feel scary, but this exercise can be a valuable tool in discovering more of your authentic self.

Energy Pulse:

Flowing Good Vibes
Holding positive energy about a situation you would like to change can have immediate and lasting effects. To hold positive energy simply means to influence a situation by firmly flowing good vibes.  At this moment in time I can conceive numerous changes I would like to see happen worldwide. It is best, however, to identify one situation at a time.  Each good vibe session should last five or more minutes daily, preferably at the same time each day. If you can’t think of a personal prospect that needs nice vibes, I have made a short list below to inspire you:
World Peace
Human Rights
Happy Environment
Free Health Care for All
Fair Governing For All


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