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Ask Marie – May 2017

Hi Marie — Thank you for what you do – I’m reading your book on intuitive healing and learning about the brand new world of human energy, which is very foreign to my upbringing. 🙂

Quick question for you regarding the first chakra: you said it’s the center & connection with our “first” family. Does this mean “biological” family? 

The reason I’m asking is because I’ve been dealing with a lot of family issue and I sure don’t feel it in my first chakra… More like my heart pounding and my head buzzing with heat. 

Appreciate you and your help. 


Dear Win,

I’m so sorry for the family issues that are causing you heart palpitations and a buzzing head. To answer your question about the first chakra; this vortex grows and forms during childhood. Its energy connects to our DNA, and is represented by the beliefs human may hold about their family of origin.

However, what you’re experiencing is acute anxiety because you’re trying to fix something within your family’s issues. You are very empathetic and care deeply for others, and you don’t do conflict well. This situation actually does not (from my viewing) actually involve you. But you placed yourself in the argument and now feel obligated to bring peace. My advice is to STOP!! Let them have their differences. Your first chakra tells me that you want peace and harmony, no matter what it takes. Let others duke it out (sort of speak) and learn to become comfortable with conflict. In an odd way the conflict is how your family bonds with one another.


What are the higher reasons for Scleroderma? And similarly, auto immune diseases? I am hearing much more lately about young people having them.

Thank you,

Great question Donna,

Scleroderma is unique in that it has two chakras involved. Yes, the third chakra and its connection to our emotional body and our love of self, as scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder. However, the root chakra in also involved, as this disease is part of the rheumatoid arthritis family of diseases.  The first chakra governs all the bones in the body including joints and synovial fluid; where most of the issues with rheumatoid arthritis exist.  Healing illnesses that have more than one chakra involved is a little trickery, which makes these types of illness difficult to treat.

Scleroderma patients will need to work on releasing fear.  Especially around being loved and nurtured within one’s family. Any healing of this type of tribal belonging will go miles towards healing.


Hi Dear Marie,

Thank you for your loving attention to all of us!

I’m writing to ask if there is any special intuitive significance to the right side of the body. An ancient Japanese healing technique I’ve been studying assigns the right side of the body to feminine energy, and I thought that might be a clue.

I recently strained a muscle on the lateral side of my right pelvis. This is an area that has “talked to me” in the past during my yoga practice, seeming to be more restricted than the left side. Healing is happening, but I think I may be getting the message to pay closer attention to this area and discover why it’s restricted even when I’m functioning normally (and ignore it!)

I’m pretty sure from listening to your broadcasts and reading your book that I’m one of those overly empathic people who needs to practice self-nurturing and receiving. Could this injury and its protracted healing process be calling my attention to going deeper with this practice?

Thanks for all you do

Love Joyce

Hello Joyce,

You are very welcome! I love the practice of self-love and feel that its practice is the most valuable practice anyone will ever do. However, I see the right side of the body as masculine, and masculine energy pertains to personal power. Are you owning your power? Or, are you being too quiet, holding back or not trusting your wisdom? Masculine energy says…”Hey, did you hear me, I know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’m usually right!!” Try holding this type of energy in your body, as it may free up sub atomic particles that will enhance your bodies health.


I attended the Divine Energy Healing workshop this past weekend and I would love a more detailed description of the benefits of movement and positive talk/energy work. We walked and received energy into our heart chakras. I would like to understand the benefits of this and what is actually happening in the body and energy systems during this activity. Mainly the significance of adding movement into the energy work such as walking, light exercise, etc. Thank you so much for your time!


Hello Bree,

Thank you for attending the Divine Energy Medicine workshop in March. I had a wonderful time with all the wonderful people there! The exercise we did regarding the fourth chakra allowed everyone to feel and hold heart energy, while moving amongst each other – a very kind and loving experience. However, chi gong is a wonderful modality that combines the awareness of energy with movement. Perhaps this is what you’re looking for.

Personally I think what you liked most about the exercise is that you walked among peers, while resting in the heart chakra feeling its natural state of awareness…unconditional love. Perhaps you might want to have more individuals in your life that also hold this type of heart energy.


Hi, Marie,

I love your podcasts and your book. Thanks again for everything you do for us. 

I have been following exercises from the book and our session, especially putting my hands on my second chakra. Lately though, my third solar plexus chakra is so active. I feel constriction in my chest sometimes, even though I practice yoga and breathing and also a feeling like there is a rock in my stomach.

If I try to lay my hands on this chakra it feels painful. My intuition kind of told me there is some energetic cleaning up I need in this chakra. If you agree, do you have an exercise or practice you recommend?

Hope Spring brings you tons of fragrant, gorgeous blooms,


Hello Maria,

Thank you! I’m so happy you’re enjoying my offerings! Having activity with the solar plexus is actually really great! Yes, the chakra is speaking to you and yes there is fun work you can begin right now! Fall in LOVE with YOU!! This chakras’ emotional genius is self-love. I feel that your third chakra is calling you because one or more of your desires is ready for a positive change. I would spend time with this chakra, even if it doesn’t feel happy. Listen to it, and allow its messages to come forward! When energy shifts, physical sensations are not always pleasant. However, the discomfort is not telling you to look away. Instead its asking you to look closer.



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