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Letting Go When Everything is Telling You to HOLD ON


I like to think of myself as the queen of letting go. I have practiced the art of letting go for many years, can sense the signs of holding on, and have learned to move through grief in order to really surrender from those things I cannot change. However, there are certain things that are undoubtedly hard to surrender: partnerships that no longer grow, children when they do grow, and now the year of politics gone wild.

I know from not letting go that holding on will cause anxiety, poor sleep, and an increase in the unnecessary use of precious adrenalin (thanks to the mind insensately processing, and over-processing fear). So how can we let go of the tragic political outcome of our presidency? And are we meant to? As I write this I hear a resounding YES, coming from somewhere above my head: a message from the Universe!?

I have always held a strong knowing that the Universe has something wonderful up its sleeve. If we want to become conscious of what that might be, letting go is the only way desired knowledge can become visible. I have watched this premise many times in my office while caring for clients who feel betrayed by a sudden change in their life. This change could be that their health has taken an alarming turn or a sudden depletion in their finances.

In these situations, once I can help the individual relax their energy,, they begin to see that the underlying situation that lead to poor physical health or financial loss is actually creating growth. Becoming aware of something terrible can ultimately be liberating and even wonderful. This shift in consciousness typically doesn’t happen overnight because letting go is a process that requires a detached uncharged reexamination of the situation. Self-reflection of what growth means for an individual and an alignment to one’s higher self must occur. All the while, one must take Real action, not action based in fear.

Letting go can be challenging for the mind as it needs to make lists, discover causes, and prevent future bad outcomes. Letting go requires surrendering, not lists. Letting go also recognizes that any deeply aware answers will come in time. Each situation has magic and wonder at the root of its being.

You may need to let go if you’re feeling any of the following:

*Feeling trapped or helpless
*Feeling the need to change others
*Holding on to unforeseen fear

Tips for letting go:

Stop talking about or reading information about what is making you feel helpless, trapped or needing to change others. Try taking a break from Facebook, Twitter, or reading and watching CNN. Instead, let your energy rest and recharge. Read uplifting articles and inspire your friends and family to also take a break. Go snow shoeing or skiing! Remind yourself that you are not abandoning what needs to be done. Instead, you are allowing incredibly valuable information to come through that can and will make a difference.

When your energy is recharged, it is the perfect time to be active in support of your cause. The best doctors, advisors, and organizations to support you can easily be identified when your energy is full. When you take action from a place of vibrational deletion you undoubtedly will make mistakes and face setbacks. And most importantly your body, mind and community will suffer. Each of us is a vital part of healing anything that is ailing individuals or an entire country.

Between resting, recharging, and taking healthy inspired action, allow yourself to create feelings of gratitude for what you’re desiring as if it is already here! This is one of the most powerful actions you can take but it is also challenging for many. Today’s political chaos has provided an incredible opportunity to practice the cherished art of allowing. For when we feel, even for a moment, that our desire is here on earth (fully actualized), we are allowing it to be true.

All my love,



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