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Ask Marie – December 2016

Hi Marie!
I absolutely love you and your show. I called in once and you told me that my strongest gift were my emotions… I wondered what you meant by that. I am feeling confused about what my purpose is in regards to career, and I wonder how what you said applies.
Thank you very much,

Hello Cherie,
Thank you so much for listening to the show! It’s truly a gift in my life, so I’m thrilled when others enjoy its vibration!

Emotions are the most important aspect of creating=wealth, happiness, health, love, and even an amazing career. You have fabulous emotions-which are mostly positive. I can see your energy vibrating really fast most of the time, which is great for manifesting. In order to have a better idea of what you truly want (from your soul’s awareness) you will need to stop splitting your energy.

One splits their energy when they have high energy and then drop it when feeling frustrated and/or disappointed (at least in your case). Other feelings that are felt often that are not of high vibration can also split energy. So in order to Know more about who you truly are and what your gifts are, you will need to maintain a consistent flow of internal energy to see, hear or feel the Universe communicating to you.

In order to do this, you will need to be aware of what you’re feeling. This is your first job. When you notice that your feelings have dropped or split (hopefully noticing the shift as they begin to drop would be best). Catch yourself and bring your feelings (energy) back to their high place or to a place higher then frustration or disappointment.

This is your new homework! I look forward to hearing how your life transforms as your energy maintains a supportive frequency for yourself!



Hi Marie,
I have been listening to your podcasts from 2011 and receiving so much knowledge and want to thank you for your podcasts and your show! They are giving so much insight about what happened to me around my 50th birthday. Emergency appendectomy, Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, cancer scare, while I was trying to adjust to empty nest and menopause and the realization that my marriage of 25 years had slowly dissolved. I was very resistant to all of it and very scared even though I would get flashes in my head to trust the universe/God. Well flash forward seven years later and my life is totally different. I am leading a gentle life because of the trauma and the nervous breakdown I had but the one aspect of my life missing is my two adult children with my ex (I have three children) My daughter took it especially hard and does not stay in touch with me. She herself married and has two beautiful children and my son is distant also but more connected. I feel saddened and confused that this happened and wanted to know any advise you have as to rebuilding our relationships from far away (I am in Oregon and she is in Iowa and my son just moved to Arizona).

Any advise on how to do this work is appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and toughness to speak your insights!


Hello Elizabeth,
Thank you for listening to the show! I’m grateful for any help it has rendered you! I’m sorry about the distance with you and two of your children. I’m sure it has been very difficult! What I’m about to suggest may seem hard to imagine doing. But energy is powerful. And whenever someone changes their energy other changes occur too. I have a sneaky feeling that being abandoned (at least emotionally) is one of your greatest fears. Fear if not healed appears in our life so that it can be healed.

The opposite of emotional abandonment is feeling loved and emotionally filled up by yourself and those you love!

So begin telling yourself how much you love YOU!!! And begin also asking a magical what if question ~ What if my children and I are joyful together! Initially when you ask yourself this question it may feel awkward. Keep asking the question and you will start to feel comforted in the asking, and this new energy will create a bridge between you and your children.


Hi Marie,
I’ve begun listening to your How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides CD’s and love them and you!

I do have a related question, what is the difference between spirit guides and our Guardian Angel and their role/purpose in our life?

For years I’ve been praying to my Guardian Angel, sometimes feeling her embrace and seeing her, and thinking it’s been her answering and helping me, yet maybe it’s also been my spirit guides – whom I’m not yet clear about on a conscious level.



Hello Linda,
First it is my belief that everything is God or Creation. So if it’s a guide or an angel it truly doesn’t matter. All of the non-physical world is here to support and love you always! But there is a difference between Spirit Guides and Angles. Angles have never been human before (okay, maybe a few have J). Their primary job is to support the human race (collectively or individually) when life is challenging. Because they have not been in human form before they don’t have an emotional attachment to the difficulties on Earth. This allows them to remain neutral as they hold incredibly peace and love supporting humans during difficult times.

Spirit Guides have had lifetimes on Earth. They are picked by you before you incarnate to guide you while you journey here. They are typically more evolved then you and have studied all your past lifetimes to know you better and guide you towards your highest good.

I hope this is helpful!



Dear Marie,
Please help me understand…. you have said that we all choose our birth time and situation to learn something while on earth.  I’m having a difficult time believing that there are so many people in the world who chose the situation of becoming victims of war or starving people and/or refugees, etc…  would you please explain this.

Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom,


Hello Mary,
Souls are complicated yet extremely wise and know that death is not real and that evolution of one’s awareness is the most important aspect of incarnation. Personally I can say that each difficult situation in my life has taught me more than I could have thought possible.

Sometimes if that awareness is not seen during ones lifetime then it will be after a Being crosses over.

I hope this is helpful!!


Hi Marie,
Many times when I am meditating, or driving in the car, or just walking I feel a “shift” within and opening, then I start speaking in a different language. No language that I know, or have heard. If the language continues to flow, there can be different emotions that then seem to flow as well. These emotions seem to flow through me rather than from me?? The emotions can be overwhelming joy or a release of sadness and which tears can flow. At times it feels like I’m telling someone something. My hands will make gestures etc. What is this? Any insight would be helpful.

Thank you so much,

Hello Ann,
This is you connecting to your Being, allowing feelings to come through and creating a healing for yourself. Do your best to not figure out what the language is or why your hands are moving in a certain way just know that you’re are connecting to something wonderful that your Being truly understands. If there is something for you to know it will become obvious to you. Keep it up this is really good for you.


Hi Marie,
Thank you sooo much for all the knowledge and insights you share!  You have expanded my perception of health problems, which is why I am coming to you with this question.

I had my annual exam with my PCP this week. I told her that I had been having some strange hoarseness with my voice over the last year. She quickly told me that the three reasons people experience hoarse voice are allergies, asthma, and GERD. She offered to refer me to an ear, nose, and throat doctor.  However, none of those explanations felt right to me so I am hesitant to go that route and start expensive medical tests which may not find anything.

I suspect this symptom is more energetic because it typically happens during work hours (often accompanied by tight chest and fatigue). It is not from talking too much because most of my work, until recently, was on the computer.

I have been told that I have something going on with my throat chakra. So I’m wondering if this is related to that?  I’m trying to stay mindful of stepping into my power and speaking my truth but this symptom isn’t going away and it’s starting to frustrate me since my new job requires more time on the phone.

I am also wondering if it is related to my hormones. I am premenopausal and my job was extremely stressful until June when I changed positions within the company. My monthly cycle symptoms have improved in the last few months but maybe my thyroid and adrenals are still out of whack from all the stress?

I would appreciate any insight you can provide.

Hello Maggie,
Think about quitting your job!!! Obviously you are not enjoying it and it’s draining your energy. Make sure to have your thyroid gland checked out by a naturopath. And if you choose not to then please see a professional about taking herbs for your adrenal glands (these herbs mostly work for the thyroid gland too). And yes keep up the great work of speaking your truth!! This is very important!


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