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How To Take Back Your Energy

Most likely you have people in your life who make you feel happy. And when you spend time with them the happy feelings build. This is a positive message from your human energy system telling you that you and this other person are in alignment. When you engage in positive relationships, a chemical reaction occurs in your body that fuels your immune system and sends good energy into your auric field that can enhance every part of your life. That’s why it feels so good.

There are also other types of relationships that leave us emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. Sometimes this type of energy drain can be so depleting that we don’t have enough energy in our bodies to accurately identify what the problem might be. We might think: “Wow! I’m so exhausted after eating lunch with my friend Sally today; maybe I ate too many carbs?”

But what if your friend is an energy zapper? An energy zapper is a person who literally wipes out your energy when you are together or even talking on the phone. Such a person doesn’t know how to absorb universal life force energy (energy particles that float all around you) into their body. This lack of ability, which is as natural as breathing for most people, creates a dependency on other people’s energy systems. You can easily identify energy zappers as they typically complain a lot, are dramatic, and usually exaggerate their life events in negative ways. What they are secretly doing to unsuspected friends and family members is getting everyone around them worked up so that they will expel energy through the release of heighten hormones (like endorphins and adrenaline). The energy zapper then sucks up all the energy around them that is “gassed off” by their friends, family, or even co – workers.

I actually had the opportunity to witness first hand this type of exchange of energy. When my clairvoyant skills began to emerge, about 20 years ago, I was at a dinner party with my children’s father and four other couples. It was at the end of the meal and all the men were outside smoking cigars and the women were inside eating dessert and drinking tea (yes I was a little traditional in my partnership values back then 🙂 ). The hostess was very much like the energy zapper type person I just described, but was also very kind and friendly. Our husbands were great friends and mine had asked that I work on becoming better friends with the hostess, so that our two families could spend more time together. But I was having a hard time wanting to spend time with this person. I couldn’t put my finger on it and I was feeling guilty for not including her with my other girlfriend activities. During the dinner party, my intuitive vision literally saw several long blue tentacles come out of the hostess’s aura while she was telling a dramatic story to her guests, who were now in a fearful, anxious state releasing adrenaline. I could literally see white clouds of the hormone adrenaline (a type of energy) being released from the dinner guests and then sucked into the tentacles. As the female dinner guests were getting zapped of their energy I was in awe of what I was seeing and it became clear why I had been so unsure of a close friendship with the hostess. I also was surprised that I couldn’t see tentacles near my aura and believe me I was watching. It was kind of like a Si-fi movie, but then I realized that I was not feeling anxious or fearful, so I wasn’t releasing excessive hormones. Instead I was feeling curious, and curiosity is positive energy that allows one to become energetically balanced.

If you have people in your life right now that you suspect might be energy zappers and you want to maintain the relationship, then consider having a conversation with them about energy and drama. Even though zapping others is an interesting way to receive energy, the zapper can easily become energetically drained themselves because they don’t know how to authentically fill themselves up. It’s possible that they have become aware that when they feel energetically drained, they somehow feel better after they rile up their friends. Most energy zappers are unaware and might really appreciate your advice. Remind them first and foremost that we all have a genius inside of us that is ready and willing to evolve and grow.

However, if the energy zapper in your life isn’t ready for this type of conversation, understand that creating drama and zapping other people’s energy is their main source of receiving vitality. Don’t allow their stories to persuade you into feelings of anxiety or fear. Energy zappers do not know how to fill themselves up with universal life force energy – the energy that is all around us and available to re-fuel anyone at any time. If you become emotionally, physically, or mentally drained you are allowing it to happen. An energy zapper cannot steal your energy; you must first offer it to them before they can absorb it.

I believe that if you are around a person who can’t be uplifted then you aren’t compatible with them. Let them go. If, however, this is a family member like a child, learn how to over-fill yourself with universal life force energy and maintain your energy system when you are around them in order to not feel drained when they are near. The best way to fill yourself up is to become curious. Ultimately, remember to surround yourself with objects, people, and events that inspire you!

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