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Ask Marie – August 2016

I attended your wonderful Mystic Career Development workshop this past spring and want to say thanks for energetically shaking things up for me and shining new perspectives on my work.

But something unexpected happened after the class. You pointed out some potential abilities that I will be developing (I think you said I was glowing!!). Yet just the opposite has happened – I seem to have lost my connection with other dimensions just as I was starting to sense them. I worked hard to go through that door you opened up, but I feel like it was closed. The harder I try, the more disconnected I feel.

Is it something I did? What can I do to better develop and connect with my intuitive abilities and the potential you saw in me so I can be of greater help to people in my work?  Thank you!!

Hugs & Joy,

Hello Susie,
Thank you for taking the Mystical Development Class! I had a wonderful time surrounded by some very talented people. I’m sorry it’s been hard to connect since the class. My first thought as I read your question is that you must have become scared. You truly want to progress your multi-sensory abilities, yet I feel fear when I look in your direction. It is not uncommon to fear what one desires. As we each begin to feel our magnificence (what brings us joy) we sometimes fear its power, even more than disappointment. And now you’re deeply in the disappointment feeling. I also sense that feeling disappointment is a prominent pattern for you. This pattern is what your soul wants you to work on so that never again (or rarely) will you sideline your happiness because you are fearful of your grace and joy!!

The first action I wish for you to take is to begin appreciating this extraordinary opportunity to release a very old (perhaps centuries in the making) pattern. Gratitude is a powerful ally when anyone wishes to replace a misperception with a new and approved version of oneself. Because you love intuition so much, the Universe is wise to provide a moment in this incarnation where you could heal your attraction, although it might be unconscious, to disappointments. The second action I wish for you to take is to value and appreciate every intuitive moment you have ever had (no matter how small you may have perceived the encounter). And last but not least, whenever you feel disappointment, no matter how real/valid it may seem, please stop thinking and begin to tell yourself: “I love myself, I love myself…” for several minutes until your mind finds a new and positive subject to focus on.

Ok, that should do it! Keep me posted!


Hi, Marie
I have been following exercises and practices you teach in your amazing book, but I have problems sustaining my own well-being. Recently it happened because of two disturbing dreams that somehow got me off track. I then go into this self-loathing and binge eating. One dream about someone I have actually disconnected from and she had me kind of hostage in a car. These are dreams where I am very vulnerable and unable to assert myself. Thank you sooo much for your awesome and life-saving work.


Hello Maria,
Dreams are often not at all about what they show us. So in this case, with the women who kept you hostage in a car, the dream is really not about her at all. In fact all dreams, no mater whom is in them, are about ourselves and our relationship to ourselves. This particular dream is asking you to stop keeping yourself hostage. I would ask yourself – in what areas of my life do I control my actions? I do think that getting off track is a defense mechanism and an old pattern of yours. Try one of my favorite techniques of asking yourself positive “what if” questions. For example, “what if I were loyal to myself and all of my desires?” Every time you ask yourself a positive “what if” question you will automatically calibrate your energy towards curiosity; a powerful high frequency vibration. In doing so you will train your personal energy to soar in the area of high frequency energy – where all the good stuff dwells!


Hi Marie,
I’m just responding to your request for questions for your newsletter.  I have 2, but I’d really love to have the 1st one answered by you.

  1. Can you explain further about how to reclaim your energy when you feel drained around certain people or situations?  (I watched your tv segment but it seemed more focused on identifying when you’re being drained of energy.)  I feel drained by people and noise most of the time, but perhaps I’m just an introvert or haven’t found my tribe.  (Or, I’m too drained or restless from a lack of life purpose to enjoy them!)
  1. How do you know the difference between good fear (prevents you from harm, from going down a dangerous road, or making a decision that will not lead you to happiness) versus bad fear (anxiety due to making a life change)?  I would listen to the good fear and do my best not to let the bad fear stop me, but sometimes I can’t clearly distinguish the two.  I know you say that fear means “come here,” but isn’t it also your intuition telling you “No, not this way”?

Thanks for sharing all your wisdom.

Hello Lisa,
I’m going to answer question number two as I hope the article in this newsletter will give you all that you need to answer question number one!

I love your second question because it is so relevant as you and other humans allow their consciousness to amplify. Remember that when you are feeling fear you are hearing, seeing or experiencing your ego. The Universe will not express itself authentically with fear. In fact I have never heard the universe say the word no. There isn’t judgment in Universal consciousness, so the word “no” does not exist in the heavens (or it would be expressed in some way very infrequently). I have a personal story about an odd situation that happened to me when I was about 15 years old. I was at that time a little bit of a truant; I would often skip school, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee at a local Denny’s with a few friends. When it was time to go home I excused myself to use the restroom. When I entered the girl’s bathroom I noticed another teenager sitting on the floor at the end of the three-stall bathroom. She was wearing a large beige over coat even though it was nearly summer. As I walked closer to her she looked up at me and asked, “Do you know where people can go?” I assumed she had run away from home and was looking for shelter. I passed on some information that might be helpful and entered one of the stalls. On my way out of the restroom, after washing my hands, I turned my back towards the young woman in order to exit. After taking a few steps I clearly heard the word “run” in my head. The unfamiliar, calm clear voice was female, but the voice was that of an older person, not a young girl. I only heard it once, and when I did I glanced with my peripheral vision into the large mirror over the sinks. In the mirrors reflection I could see the other teenager, who was now standing, lunging toward me holding a large butcher knife in her right hand. I had already begun to run, as I didn’t question the voice because I believed its calming and trusting nature. When I exited the restroom the other teenager did not. I notified the manger and the police were called.

My long story here is to illustrate that when indeed there is real danger the Universe is still calm. Feelings of fear are typically the ego. Wait for the soft calm vision or voice and push your attention away from the screaming ego mind. As you do, you will train your Being on what to focus on. As you follow the calm you will learn to trust yourself and the Universe that loves you so much!


Dear Marie,
First off I’d love to have a reading with you but at the moment I cannot afford to do that….which leads me to the question:

Why am I so stuck?  I have been stuck for about five years about what my true work/purpose is and thus how to better support myself.  I’m capable and have been successful in many ways and now I feel like I’m stuck…..(age 68 and going strong….but stuck).


Hello Sandy,
When I read your energy it feels average in its vibration. An average frequency will attract an average life. If you want an extraordinary life full of fun, adventure and entertainment then you will need to increase your human energies vibration. Personally I feel you are waiting for something to happen. It is this waiting that is creating the stuck feeling. You’re not stuck. Push the play button of your life and get really happy!


Hi Marie,
I feel as if I have been at perpetual crossroads within my adult life.  At 46, I’m disappointed that I have yet to have a keen sense of purpose and direction. I am and have been a single mother for the past 13 1/2 years. Up until recently, I’ve been employed in a field that I have had some interest in, but more recently, I have taken on a job based on my desire to have more flexibility with my time, and well I appreciate that, it still leaves me with this horrible feeling inside like I am missing something. There are a couple of things that I have an incredible passion for but don’t know how to take the step to pursue anything without sacrificing my financial stability. I know that there is a greater purpose for me to serve and I would very much like to know how to get in touch with intuition, discover what my purpose is, and how to go about to take a leap of faith.  In a nutshell… Feeling lost… Help!


Hello Katherine,
I love that you know there is more for you to do! This inner feeling is your soul talking to you, reminding you that you are amazing! The irritation that you are feeling is actually good. It may feel annoying, but this feeling is helping you to not forget that there is more!

If you were living a fulfilled and entertaining life stocked with gifts and adventures, you would most likely feel fabulous and grateful! If you could feel grateful for the life you want, even though it has yet to materialize, every time you feel irritated you would begin to vibrate where all that you desire lives. This is because all the good stuff in the world has a very high frequency, and it is absolutely necessary to match your human energy with what you want! I think you’re ready to align with your destiny, so get busy and soon it will be here!


Hi Marie,
I’ve been working on my self worth and have been asking lots of “what if” questions lately. I have manifested a new job (of which I am grateful) but still find myself “stuck” in a victim mindset. Some similar scenarios are beginning to replay despite my genuine willingness for things to change. I feel there may be a leak in my lower chakras. Have you any insight?
(Love listening to your shows via podcast from Australia)

In gratitude,
Jo S

Hello Jo-
Congratulations on your new job! What a great accomplishment! I love your question because sometimes we don’t realize that controlling one’s thoughts and vibration is a daily activity that requires dedication. I think sometimes others feel that once you get to a certain place in life then we’re done, having created a permanent positive vibration. But we are old souls, complicated, and with many fearful negative thoughts. We also live on a planet where most people (media, work, government, medicine, military, etc.) think in a very negative frequency and thus, it oftentimes feels familiar. It’s so easy to lower one’s vibration. I think a constant dedication to happy feelings and thoughts is as important as brushing one’s teeth. Recognizing negative thoughts and feelings is fortunate, as you are keenly aware when you are not vibrating high! Keep up the great work!


I love energy medicine and know I have intuitive gifts with the ability to help people feel better. I want to start my own energy medicine career but just feel that people won’t get it, and will think Its kooky! I live in the Boston area and have a normal job that somewhat pays the bills. How can I overcome my limiting belief that this won’t support me as a career?? I feel like I have to move to a more alternative area of the country in order to even have a chance of making a living. Help!!

Hello Julie,
You are such a fortunate person because you know what you love and desire! And because you understand many aspects of manifesting, you understand that it won’t matter where you live to become successful! All negativity is the ego showing up to scare the heck out of you because what you’re most afraid of is your magnificence. This will require mind control. Remember logic is not the Universe. The Universe is magical, and loves to surprise each and every one of us.

Start with new thoughts that allow you to appreciate what you are trying to shift in your perception because any opportunity to do so is a gift. Then disrupt any thoughts that where you live is a path towards failure. That simply is not true. But it is a sneaky way for the ego to disrupt your beautiful passion and desires. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the mind. The mind has notoriously been misused by humanity. The brain was not created to analyze or process the past or the future. Instead our beautiful minds were designed to help humanity make good choices in the present moment, as here on Earth the physical reality is chalked full of many present moments.


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