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What is the Meaning of Life?

One of the most popular questions I’m asked during private sessions, workshops or while on the radio is “what is my life purpose?” I often feel that this question and the one I’m answering here are divinely linked; braiding a web of immeasurable possibilities. Typically the energy behind either question, vibrating from the seeker, is an uncomfortable fact-finding mission defined with worry and doubt.
Even though collectively we as humans try our hardest to make things difficult, finding the answers to these questions is usually simple. I believe with all my energy system that the meaning of life is to feel joy, and that learning to feel and follow your joy is a necessary life skill.
When one can perceive a joyful sensation and then choose to follow it, they will automatically discover meaning and purpose.  The richness of any existence is through the infusion of normal earthly moments and multi-sensory experiences.  When these unique landscapes merge they can only birth joy.
Thirty years ago, pregnant with my first child, I experienced a surprising wave of joy for no apparent reason. I was fairly present that day, walking into a teaching hospital in a small town in Oregon for a routine blood draw.  My childhood had been deeply rooted in holistic medicine, so my senses were keenly aware.  Instead of feeling the expected pang of anxiety as I cleared the revolving doors, I perceived joy.  This spontaneous rush of bliss startled me at first, until I gave way to its curious nature and allowed my being to be enveloped with its warmth. As I did, a multi-sensory story unveiled itself to me, reminding me of a love for modern medicine; something I had little exposure to.
As I followed my joy to nursing school, eventually specializing in oncology and ultimately leaving for the world of energy healing, I realized that joy is the constant messenger. Joy alerts all to the coming attractions of magic and meaning. To follow joy, you must remain present, open all senses and breathe in the magnificence of you.
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