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Holistic Medicine – May 2016

Botany of the Soul
Botany of the Soul creates products to support the energetic system of the body — specializing in chakra salves to align the major energy centers and a smudge spray to clear the aura or the energy in a room or home. They use a combination of whole plants with minimal processing relying on the the alchemy of the energetics of the plants to work with the energetics of the energy system in the human body.
Each chakra salve aligns and clears blocks from the individual chakras using a specific plant or combination of plants. These salves bring the chakras back into optimal alignment.
The whole plant, not just a piece or an extract, is used at Botany of the Soul as it’s the energy of the whole plant that does the work. The whole plant is infused in organic olive oil or alcohol with love and light. It sits for six weeks, imparting its essence. Then strained and concocted into salves and smudge sprays. Every batch is small and handmade. The jars and bottles are made of Miron glass which preserves the contents longer then any other type of glass on the market as sunlight in unable to penetrate the violet hue.
Since the whole plant is used, rather than essential oils, even those with scent sensitivities are able to use the spray and salves. As none of the smells are overbearing. All ingredients are natural.
Suzanne Ragan Lentz is the force behind Botany of the Soul and is a graduate of Marie’s two-year mentoring program. In additional to working with the plants, she has an energy intuitive practice in downtown Seattle. She specializes in ancestral clearing, spirit babies, launching new businesses, and space clearing.
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