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Ask Marie – May 2016

Dear Marie-

I am now 44 and since around the age of 11, I have been getting corneal ulcers in both eyes. Since that time I have seen many ophthalmologists, including the director of ophthalmology at Mayo Medical Center.  It has baffled every MD that I have seen and took until I was a junior in college to receive a potentially correct diagnosis.  Even with a correct diagnosis the medication that I use to treat it is not standard.

While working a day/night rotation in an ICU at Mayo the frequency peaked and I was getting it almost every month.  Since moving to Seattle in 1997 the frequency has decreased and the MD’s here think it may be related to having very dry eyes.  I am incredibly grateful for the decrease in frequency and that I have a medication that works effectively…until I was 21 the medication they had me use did not work.  It has become a manageable condition, but I would LOVE to hopefully some day be free from it completely!  Any suggestions you might have would be gratefully appreciated!

Many thanks,


Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for writing and all the work you do in the world! I’m grateful that the eye condition has subsided and there is improvement!! The eyes, governed by the sixth chakra, energetically illustrate how well we see ourselves. Learning to see the Super Being within is our greatest challenge. I bet there is a lot more to you then what you have allowed and your soul is pushing you to recognize the real you! “What if” questions are one of my favorite tools to use for manifesting. Why not try repeating (aloud or silently) this “what if” question: “What if I truly recognized the magnificence with in me?” When you ask this question you will be heightening your vibrational pattern, thus aligning to the frequency where the answer lies. After repeating this for weeks, or perhaps months, you will calibrate your energy system to match the positive outcome of the question.

Give it a try Lisa and let me know how it goes!





My son who is 23 years old was recently diagnosed with type one diabetes. No one else is our family has this condition.  He has been so responsible in learning to deal with checking his blood sugar, giving himself insulin and learning the ins and out of healthy eating, carb counting and exercise. What does this mean for him energetically?

Thank you,


Hello Nicole,

I’m sorry to hear about your son’s recent diagnosis. And I’m so grateful that he is responding well and learning to take care of his wonderful body!! Diabetes is a disease that is connected to the third chakra. This charka governs the immune system and several organs including the pancreas. Diabetes can be, as I’m sure you know, predisposed through varies familiar traits. However, at anytime something as simple as a virus can deplete or destroy the beautiful cells of Langerhans that create insulin for the body.

Energetically the third chakra is all about self-love! Teaching your son to feel kind and nurturing feelings for himself would be most helpful. Needing to experience the sweetness of life is the core energetic vibration attached with diabetes. Most diabetics tend to be strong willed and hard workers. These traits of course are handy when it comes to being on top of blood sugar checks, insulin injections, exercise and food monitoring. However learning to really relax and feel happy just because, could be one of your sons greatest blessings.

All my love,



Hi Marie, 

My 10 year old daughter has been complaining for some time about stomach upset and headaches. I’m have been doing an online energy healing program and have thought about practicing on her hoping that would help with some of these symptoms thinking they may be related to 3rd and 6th chakra issues. I can see that I too was like that as a child and know there is a connection. I want to be the best mom I can for her and help her get through this.  Do you sense that this is energetic in nature and that I can be of help by doing hands on healing with her? I’d love any suggestions you might have. Thank you!


Dear Carrie,

Thank you for writing and I hope that your beautiful daughter is feeling better! Your daughter, from my impressions, looks like she worries a lot. Worrying is of course not great for the immune system, in particular the stomach. Have you talked to her about feeling happy and reducing her stress? Also ,it might be helpful if she had some probiotics and digestive enzymes. You can purchase these items in a health food store but please make sure they are appropriate for children. If her discomfort does not improve then of course I recommend that she see her pediatrician or a naturopath.

Overall I do believe this is a family pattern that your daughter has picked up from those around her. Perhaps the two of you can make a pack to stop worrying and simply enjoy life!!

I hope this is helpful!




I get headaches and migraines a couple of times a month. I’ve heard you say on your radio show, that energetically this is caused by blocking your intuition.  How can I stop blocking my intuition (I am not consciously aware that I am blocking it). Also, on a physical level, do you think my headaches are caused by my hormones, something I’m eating (gluten, sugar, cheese, etc) or muscle tension in my neck/shoulders?


Dear Penny,

I’m so sorry for the uncomfortable headaches. And yes, many headaches can be traced to hormonal fluctuation. To answer your question, even though the third eye is in the head, it is important to not spend time over thinking and analyzing. Real emotions, located on the 2nd layer of the auric field, are calm. Other emotions, generated by disturbing thoughts, are mind made and not genuine. Spend time resting your awareness near the 2nd or third chakra multiple times a day. As you rest there ask yourself ~ “what am I really feeling?” Asking this question with your presence out of the head will allow you to release the intuitive genius within.

Good luck!



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