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Everything’s OK, You’re just Waking Up

There have been many times in human culture when a pivotal awaking has occurred that shifts the consciousness of human awareness. My mind easily remembers the 1950s, and the roles that men and women played then. Men went off to a paid work environment each day, leaving household chores and child rearing to their wives. Today our world is very different then the wholesomeness of the 1950s and 60s.  Depicted in the popular sitcom television show, Leave it to Beaver, dad Ward Cleaver always gets home in time for dinner, mom June cleans the house wearing a dress and pearls, and kids Wally and the Beaver always learn a lesson by the end of the episode. Today, 70% of the work force is made up of women. No one gets home on time and various people help to organize our personal lives; childcare, house cleaning, and yard maintenance.  Once again, we are standing on the edge of change that will and is shifting the perception of reality.  We are beginning to wake up to a new world.  A world that generates new energy: receiving instead of wanting.  This shift will create a massive change in the way you experience yourselves, and ultimately the way our world operates.
For far too long, societies around the world have talked about what they want.  This wanting has attracted massive particles (elements of energy) circulating in and around the Earth (and in each person) with feelings of longing and lack.  Instead of igniting the scientific genius within you, you may have felt trapped by feelings of desperation as you tried over and over again to create long held desires.
On a positive note, wanting did spur a wonderful, new thought movement called the Law of Attraction.  This law basically states that we can have, and are deserving of happiness, health, love, and wealth. The popularity of the Law of Attraction has created a tipping point of energy shifts that began in late 2012.  This transference of awareness has benefited the universal truth: each being on Earth deserves joy.
If you’re a Law of Attraction nut you might be asking yourself while reading this article, geez do I need to trash my vision board, affirmations, and alike? The answer is maybe! If you can use your Law of Attraction tools with a feeling of receiving vs. wanting then by all means keep them and add to this feeling with more tools.  However, if visualizing tools inspire feelings of lack, then the law of attraction is actually working against your desires instead of helping you to create them. Only you will know for sure what inspires the real feeling of receiving. Luckily, you’re waking up every day to a new energy that is pulsating a new way of being. The way of receiving!
There are wonderful tools in Marilyn Jenett’s new book, Feel Free to Prosper, to help you learn how to receive. You can find the book here and here.
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