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You Are Stardust

unnamedAs odd as it may sound, you have atoms in your body that are billions of years old created by the disruption of stars, far, far away from your gorgeous being. In fact, every atom in your body was forged from the collision of stars, making you stardust.

Just as every ingredient in the human body is made from elements forged by stars – so are all of the building blocks of your food, your bike and your electronics. Similarly, every rock, plant, animal, scoop of rainwater, and breath of air owes its existence to distant suns. This is why understanding energy and the particle movement of energy, whether you are aware of it or not, is vital to your evolution and wholeness.

At this point you are either with me – knowing you are energy, because of the particle mass the stars have passed on to you – or you’re rolling your eyes. Either way, everything we are and everything in the universe originated from stardust. And it continually floats through us today as 40,000 tons of cosmic dust falls on Earth every year, directly connecting us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies again and again over our lifetimes. This scientific truth is a reminder that the ever-changing molecular treasure of you, can change anything at any time, no matter what it is, because you are stardust.

Stardust is mutable and light as a feather. In fact, it’s invisible, constantly moving in your body and all around you. You might be asking yourself what makes magical particle dust move? Is the movement of your dust important? The answer is yes!

Emotions move the beautiful dust. Your feelings, real or imagined, send messages to the dust that then magically unfolds your life. If you have negative feelings about anything, you are unknowingly sending your stardust into a vibrational molecular pattern that will bring you more negativity. If, however, you can feel positive feelings about anything in your life, the alchemy of your being will magnetize a better outcome. The beauty of this knowledge is that you can change, create, or resolve to your greatest liking, anything!

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of things you wish to change in your life or just a few. If you are unfamiliar with this process, or you have been unsuccessful in the past, start off with something fairly benign – something that is not life shattering. For example, the grass around my new home failed over the winter. To say the least, I was frustrated!! My thoughts quickly went over all the things that went wrong in the application of the new lawn, and how much more work and money it would take to fix the problem. In fact, every time I looked out a window – and the house has many windows – I felt frustrated. My frustrated emotions sent images and invisible messages through energetic means to my stardust. The stardust in my body then forwarded my irritation to the universe. The Universe only responds in kind, or in this case with more frustration. As a result, the grass looked terrible for most of the spring and summer. Finally, in late summer, I recognized that I was sending negative thoughts and feelings to my particle system and the solar system was simply responding to the input with more of what I was sending…frustration…high bids for re-seeding or sod and increased bald spots throughout the lawn.

When I woke up to my thoughts and feelings, I quickly stopped myself from sending them to the powerful, creative world of manifestation. Instead, I caught myself as I looked out a window…multiple times a day…from the thoughts that were making me so terribly annoyed. I then chose to focus on something that was beautiful in the yard. A gorgeous new tree, flowers blooming, rabbits playing, etc. Once my mind quieted, new messages began to pour into my stardust and then into the universe. Within a few short weeks, with very little expense and an easy outdoor activity, my lawn turned thick, gorgeous, and green!! Most importantly, the metamorphous was fun! I learned a lot about organic compost, like how applying it a few times per year to your lawn will not only feed your grass but will also add organic matter and beneficial microorganisms to your soil!

You might be asking yourself, if stardust is so smart, why can’t it vibrate what you truly want instead of pesky negative emotions? My answer is simple. Stardust, like energy, creation, and the cosmos, respects you and strictly follows your frequency. Energy is neutral regarding the messages you send out and will always return to you an energetic equivalent.

If you want to change anything in your life, change the way you feel about it. And remember, all the good stuff in life vibrates in happy feelings!

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