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Connect to your Emotional Body and Know All Things

In 1997, I became aware of my spirit guides – beings that I believe are devoted to the evolution of those of us living in human spirit. To be human can feel like one is cut off from awareness or guidance, but spirit guides work diligently everyday to help bridge the misperception that we are alone and only guided by over thinking mind.

My three spirit guides – one male and two females – instructed me, through visual scenes and auditory explanation, on how to quiet my mind and spend time with my emotions. At the time I believed my thoughts were attached to my emotions because most of my thoughts led to feelings- lots and lots of feelings.

The guides highlighted my abdominal area – just below the belly button – and gently encouraged me to rest there, asking me to imagine a spring meadow covered in wild flowers. As I rested where they suggested, I heard this explanation: “knowingness, that all beings possess, is assessable through the emotional body. Energetically this body of authentic feeling is located about one foot away from the physical body, within the aura,” which is an insane amount of energy that surrounds your body like a seven foot thick eggshell.

They went on to explain that resting in the pelvis is suggested because of the close vibrational relationship between the second layer of the auric field (the emotional body) and the second chakra. They stressed that getting out of the mind is key to connecting to one’s energy. Not thinking is highly recommended.

Since my first introduction to the emotional body, I have been resting daily with the energy of my authentic feelings. And I have come to a deep understanding that feelings generated by thinking are mind made rather than created from an accurate emotional response. And most feelings, derived from over processing thoughts, are negative. Generally, the theme of the over thinking mind is warped with scary predictions of an unhappy future or burdened with regret of an unfulfilled past. However, pure emotions, not mind made ones, are communicating to you every day about what you truly desire and how to get it! This is important stuff.

sacral-chakra-vortexLet’s review. You have an orange ball of light (a chakra) living in your belly that communicates energetically with all of your reproductive organs, as well as your lower back, bladder, appendix, kidneys, and those all too important adrenal glands. This ball of light (the second chakra) also has a deep and intimate relationship with your aura, in particular the part of your aura that holds your personal emotions. The proximity of your second chakra to your head is quite a distance and for a very good reason. Even though your brain is home to the third eye (or sixth chakra), thinking has nothing to do with intuition; thinking actually blocks intuition. Resting in the pelvis will allow you to establish a relationship with your emotional body, where all wisdom lies within the human form. Spending time there will produce a knowingness that we all seek about our current life situation and future. Once acquainted with this area, intuitive answers will emerge.

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