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Ask Marie – June 2015

Ask Marie 2013Hello Marie,

I have a question regarding my son. He is twelve years old and has decided he would like to live with his father full time. His father and I divorced a few years ago and have been sharing time with both our son and daughter equally. This situation makes me feel sad as I have done my best to be a good, open-minded influence on my son and it feels as if agreeing with my son to stay with his dad full time will be throwing a wonderful boy into a negative environment. Any advice and insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hello Teresa,

I’m sure this is a difficult situation for your family and I wish you all a fabulous outcome! First, we must remember that you son is 12, and he doesn’t have the life experience needed to make the best decision for himself. And he doesn’t understand fully the negativity that arises from his father. I feel your son is fortunate to spend equal time with his parents. Although his father loves both of his children, he is unaware of his negative energy. I feel this situation is really a lesson for you! Please don’t give your power away. Although you love your children very much, and encourage freedom and support individuality, this is not the time for that. Your child is fortunate with his living situation just as it is. Set a boundary and be firm!



Dear Marie,

It was the diagnosis of cancer that brought me to my knees about a year and a half ago.  I am fully recovered from surgery and cancer free today.  It made me seriously take stock of my life and go within and broaden my spiritual practice.  I somehow knew in my heart that I had to start nurturing and loving myself rather than pushing myself relentlessly.  It was always business before pleasure and others before myself.  What madness! 

I am so happy with my spiritual practice and feel as if I have really made good progress in my transformation. My sweet, supportive husband tells me how proud he is of me and my inner work. However, I have reached a point where I am stuck. In spite of my daily practice, meditating and being quiet, I cannot “hear” my guides. I’m seeking guidance on my next steps in finding my path and hopefully making a living that will make my heart sing. I so want a meaningful second career in my life.  

Can spiritual guidance be cryptic at times? If so, I fear I’m not picking up on the messages. Would you be able to translate any messages from my guides or from family members who have passed on? I would be so grateful for any help you can provide.

Warmest Regards,

Hello Bev,

Congratulations on your beautiful recovery and spiritual life! I must say that communicating with the otherside – departed loved ones or guides in spirit – is not cryptic! In fact, the information is so simple that most people override it, choosing instead to focus on the fearful over processing mind. All the while not considering that the Universe is simple, straight forward, and loving. You have a busy mind. And although you have learned how to better relax, the anxiety you feel about getting your life together is lowering your vibration, making it difficult to hear, feel or understand the Universe. And I promise, there have been many responses to your pleas. Passing on information from your beings in spirit would be a fine idea but I think it would be better to offer how to techniques so that you can do this for yourself anytime, anywhere.

First, it’s imperative that you stop thinking and learn to recognize that the mind is not accurate or helpful when it comes to having multi-sensory experiences.

Second, do your very best to connect to your emotional body, located in the second layer of your aura. The best connection can be felt through resting in the lower abdomen.

Third, practice feeling energy though in the pelvis area. Begin asking questions once you have established an energetic felt connection with your body through the lower abdomen.

Fourth, affirm your multi-sensory ability no matter its expertise. Try speaking out loud in gratitude for hearing/seeing/knowing the universe clearly…even before you do!

This awareness of personal emotion through the flow of energy may take a little while to recognize because of dominant thinking. But any effort will be cause for celebration! Good luck!!




How can I move past the lack of satisfaction/flow/purpose I am finding in my life?  Currently, I have been a caregiver for my parents and 9 cats for over a year.  My parents are young but in poor health mentally and physically. We have little in common so it is a constant giving away of myself in many ways.  Unfortunately they also live in a place (city, state) that does not resonate with me as well.  They do not have any friends or support otherwise.

Stuck is the word.  Free will? Follow your bliss? It can always be worse, so I try to be thankful for what I have and understand my life choices and thoughts have led me to this predicament.  It seems it is my lot in life at this time to overcome place, family and self. It is not so much, what is in it for me but I “feel” I have much more to offer myself and the World.  Stuck but still smiling… mostly.

P.S. My parents are not to blame (we all do the best we can) or the source of my difficulties in this situation.  It is me and my lack of understanding of? I am not sure.


Dear Mike,

Thank you for taking care of your parents and those cute cats too! It’s really important, Mike, that you realize how powerful you are. Each of us has the ability to change anything in our lives. And what this means for you is that you don’t have to be stuck in a life that is unfulfilling, regardless of the situation. First, you will need to work on your energy frequency. It’s very difficult to change anything about one’s life if we don’t change our personal energy.

Once you have shifted the vibration in your body’s energy, then the outside work will match your new vibration! What you will need to do, regardless of your daily activities and how much you’re not enjoying them, is to find something that authentically makes you feel happy. You can accomplish this by doing something everyday that is a very pleasant, or you could think of something that brings feelings of joy to you. Once you have vibrated your energy into happiness, hold on the feeling for several minutes working up to seven minutes. The time you hold on to positive feelings will adjust or calibrate your human energy into a new frequency, and within a short time new opportunities will show up in your life.

Please do not delay your wonderful fulfilling life any longer. Give the Universe a chance to show you a new reality by shifting your energy!



Hello Marie,

Can you please help me understand why there are so few who are powerful and so many who are victimized? Did we as God set it up this way? When our bodies go into ill health, is that our body betraying our soul? Or the other way around? I just can’t quite understand how people hurt others and don’t feel bad about it, but the person being hurt has to take the brunt emotionally and physically. Is the victimizer not to be blamed because his brain chemistry is out of whack? Or is he simply a dickhead and think that’s fun? I get so twisted in my understanding on this. Please, please consider offering me your insight.

Many blessings and hugs from Florida!

Hello Carrie,

You are so sweet to ask a difficult question that I’m sure many people wonder about as well. To understand my answer you may feel as if I have asked you to shift your consciousness. And of course that is exactly what needs to occur in order to understand the evolution of souls and the popular desire to incarnate on Earth.

First, there are many reasons why a soul would choose to live in a physical reality, like planet Earth (there are 100’s of thousands of dimensions to choose from). With nearly seven billion souls currently living in human form on earth… with many more animal and planet forms…Earth is a popular destination. The term incarnate means to choose a new experience, and I believe an experience that could help a soul heal past wounds from previous lifetimes, while of course enjoying oneself in the preset moment as much as possible!!

Souls are vast vessels of energy. And we can’t possible bring our entire soul with us during an incarnation to Earth. Our souls are simply too big, what we bring instead in a part of our soul that we can refer to as spirit. Each spirit is on a mission. Have fun, but also heal outdated belief systems that keep us form fully emerging into our God selves. Many times when a soul wishes to learn self-empowerment the spirit may live out a lifetime were it learns to overcome difficult situations and at last feel powerful. Like surviving war, a horrible disease, poverty, or violence. As souls, we know that death is not real and that our time here is temporary; however, the spirit rarely remembers its mission and may feel victimized by life circumstances. Sometimes spirits live short lifetimes because the soul wants to experience one very important event and then return to our true home. Sometimes souls work on healing a false belief for thousands of years over many lifetimes. This could be why we have difficult and sometimes life altering experiences that from the human perspective look terrible. But from the soul’s perspective they look amazing. I hope this explanation was helpful!!



Dear Marie,             

My sister and I almost seem to be taking turns at feeling triggered by our mother. 

I wonder how can I heal this energy/past, so I can feel neutral (as opposed to charged). I love her, but she is perhaps the most challenging person in my life. I know it’s not “good” to label/judge someone and I don’t believe in changing her. 

I have tried different forgiveness and acceptance techniques, and tried to take on different perspectives, and while those have helped somewhat…I would like something more…effective.

I would appreciate any feedback or insight you have on this. 

Thank you. 

With much appreciation,
Angela in Los Angeles

P.S. Your advice is tremendously helpful and clear. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on your podcast, I love the show!

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for working on this subject…over and over and over again! I know it’s frustrating and you deserve a very different experience.   What you will need to do now is let go. Stop thinking about it, and replace your memories with something new. You and your sister have gotten into a pattern of complaining about your mom, including her past decisions and her current ones. Yet, you know who she is choosing to be at this time, and both of you live very different lives. Congratulations! So please stop thinking and talking about her. She has no power over you. Only the power the two of you keep giving her by paying attention to what she does and how she does it.


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