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The Vibration of Health

The body, and all its integral parts, pulse’s a frequency that determines the constitution of your health. You might not be aware of this internal hum; vibrating instruction into trillions of your cells that make up the human body. But indeed, a magical drumming exists, and its messages are always followed regardless of a desired response.

Once cells recognize the rhythm of energy moving in your body via cellular memory, they too vibrate its frequency, sending direct messages to all your hormones. Your hormones activate with the vibration and quickly send out impulses, like operating instructions, to all your organs.

If you’re having health challenges, the repetition of your cellular messaging is off key. Somehow the application of the vibration has gone off course. Maybe the musical language in your body has flattened its tune or skipped a note? Or perhaps the frequency is greatly distorted that your cells can’t recognize the melody, or pick up the tempo. Either way, your body is left in a lurch, wondering how to operate to create or maintain great health.

Building and preserving a positive arrangement of energy in the body requires decrement. Human energy frequencies are affected by mood and environment. Identifying when your energy shifts from the choices you make in your life requires awareness that life revisions are needed. I believe any negative circumstance, (dissatisfaction with work, unhappy relationships, financial issues, depression) are simply asking us to become alert to a malformation in our energy system. Just like changing the music on your car stereo can alter your mood, the channel (frequency) you circulate with your thoughts and emotions sustain a vibrational pattern; a wave not dissimilar to a melody. This energy music has a tone that makes a frequency that can change the health issues inside your body and the world all around you. If you listen to music that makes you feel happy, a smile will appear on your face and you might find yourself automatically humming along. The same is true for the vibrations in your body. If you’re vibrating (thinking) bad news, your human energy system contracts and reduces cellular communication. But, if you discover activities that make you feel happy, your body will begin to vibrate a new energy and your cells will naturally detox toxins and help create wonderful health.

A few years ago, I began working with a new client suffering from exasperated symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity).

She had been unable to work or exercise for years. At some point in our first conversation, I expressed my beliefs about human energy frequency, and how it can heal or deplete the body depending on the vibrations present. Like many clients before her, I could intuitively hear her resistance to my “think positive” advice. Psychically, I saw the eyes of her being roll at me. Probably wondering why she was paying for self-help rhetoric, at medical intuitive prices. Although her physical expression was polite, her energy was acutely irritated ~ the soul always knows what is in our best interest and has communicated (typically several times through dreams, books, or our friends suggestions) what the higher-self is suggesting. As an intuitive, feeling my clients resistance means ~ you’re on the right track, keep going!

Throughout our monthly sessions via Skype, I re-introduced the idea that complaining about her constant symptoms only continued a familiar vibration in her body, which guaranteed a repeat of her health condition. Luckily, she loved to talk about intuition; one of my favorite subjects as well. Intuitively I could see her energy system spike to increased levels of vibration as we discussed her own intuition and how she could better access it. These conversations began shifting the frequency of her human energy system. In turn she began to have a few days of improved health each month. When her CF symptoms would return I inquired about her self talk and any outward complaining she may have had with friends or family members. Ultimately, she too began to feel the vibrational differences in her body when she was genuinely excited or curious about life due to her growing curiosity about the intuitive world. After a while she was able to begin a gradual change in her understanding of her disease, and that her health magically changed when she changed her bodies energy. She stopped talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it’s many perplexing symptoms. As her health increased she began to appreciate her body and love it for how strong it had been during her illness. As she began to feel real love and appreciation for herself, her body quickly jumped started into vibrancy. Her cells began to vibrate at a vital frequency and today she is active, exercises, travels and is seeking fulfilling work. She rarely has days where she feels under the weather and our conversations about her health are simply for a quick check-in, as we have so many other wonderful things to explore.

If you’re seeking better health, find something that you can truly feel curious or excited about… It’s OK if the adventure isn’t about better health. Sincere upbeat feelings will manifest a healing vibration in your human energy system that will pave the way for magical healing!

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