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Mystic Moment and Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~mystic moment and energy pulse

Since December 2012, we have invited a new quickening of energy onto the planet.  Fortunately it has been taking root, causing me to notice many of my clients moving through difficult and stuck emotions. Some of them have been working on these blockages for years. Their progress has been delightful and so inspiring.  What can you notice about your own healthy emotional progression?

Energy Pulse ~

Creating a desired frequency takes awareness of where your energy is humming and what in your wonderful world turns you/it!  If you bring awareness to what you’re feeling in your body, you will recognize the jolt of happiness or simple, but very stimulating, curiosity.  Keep track of these frequency shifts to identifying what triggered a surge.  Then recreate them to stimulate a positive healthy body.

August 13

Your Magical Third Eye


They sublimely intersect into and through each object you perceive, into physical matter and non-physically perceived images. They fuse your multi-sensory world together, illuminating everything within the entirety of existence, both living and that which is perceived as non-living. Intuitives …

August 13

Ask Marie


Dear Marie, These days, I find myself either in personal positive territory or the polar opposite, with little neutral room in between. I feel very blocked, psychically and intuitively. I want to forget the past and move forward, yet at …