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The Eye of Your Emotions

Article by Kadian Grant –

Your existence here on earth consist of an emotional life, a thinking life, a physical life and a spiritual life. The force and the fuel for the latter three is the emotional life.  Your existence is all about feelings and feeling your feelings.  How you feel, deal, act (or don’t act) with your feelings steer the direction of your day, create paths and determine dreams.  Feelings are involved in every aspect of your life especially your healing work and connection to your soul.

Undesirable emotions alert us to what we are really yearning for.  They sit at the edge of what’s inevitable. Most stay on the outskirts of those emotions and don’t venture into the eye (or center) of it as fear and unworthiness keeps them frozen in time. While paddling around the outskirts of those uncomfortable emotions; patterns are repeated, coping mechanisms are enforced and your energy stays contracted.

20140214_151428Be bold and look at those uncomfortable emotions with honesty, then move through the discomfort towards the eye where the opportunity for growth and evolution will present itself.  As you are approaching the eye of those emotions and releasing them, you are connecting to your true desires but if you stay on the outskirts, you will settle for a life less than what you want and deserve.  A less than desirable life plagued with undesirable emotions.  If you remain on the outskirts of sadness, you will be caught up in its turbulence. But if you move through it, toward the eye, you will see its true nature: happiness.  In the eye of anger, you are longing for peace. In the eye of loneliness, there is freedom to be had.

As you move toward the heavy rain and strong winds of those emotions, the illusion of your confinement will lose its stronghold and dismantle its walls.  The more you are willing to forge ahead, the dark sky clears, the strong winds subside and the raging waters become calm.  Then you’ll be able to see what those undesirable emotions were there for all along, to facilitate change. Let your emotions reveal their true nature to you. But in order for them to show you, you have to do some weathering.


Kadian R Grant is a graduate of Marie’s mentoring program. Grant is in the process of writing the book, “Climbing Your Happiness Ladder: Shedding the Unfilled, Disconnected You.”grant
Grant is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer and Happiness Mentor and Guide. For more information, visit her website.

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