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Usher in the Life You Deserve

Today, while I was on my regular morning walk, I spied on my wondering thoughts, only to discover that they were preparing me for undesirable events. You know – those kinds of ideas that have nothing to do with the moment and everything to do with dreadful things that might happen. I shook my head, casting off those predictions and focused on the gorgeous lake nearby. I instantly became aware of happy dogs racing and the sun kissing my shoulders.  It struck me – why not instead prepare for a fantastic future?

Our boundless minds have the ability to think of anything.  Still, most of us worry about things that thankfully never happen.  What would it be like if you deliberately chose to be present? And if you needed to think outside of the present, you think about your ecstatic dreams with gratitude – as if they were here now. Not next week or next year – but right now.  How would you feel?  How would you choose to live?  Can you imagine the happiness coursing through your body if what you desire existed in your life right now? I can imagine mine, and so can you.

When organizing your thoughts around the worst that can happen, your spirit is shadowed and is no longer free to delight in visions of happiness.  Instead, one’s essence readies itself for disappointment and lowers the body’s vital life-force energy. Energy continues to be depleted on a physical, biological level and the mind goes on prevention mode. Because we over analyze phony data to prevent potential heartbreak, poverty, or illness, we let ourselves be distracted by troubling thoughts. Terrified that we will lose our jobs and get sick, most of us forget the simple pleasures in life. We nervously run on the treadmill, believing it will help us dodge heart disease, cancer, etc. The funny thing about this type of vigilance is that it blinds you to seeing that there isn’t just one fantastic lifetime adventure waiting for you. There are thousands.

Freeing the spirit to the present awakens your mind to life’s amazing quests and welcomes your creativity. With imagination and inventiveness you’ll naturally usher in love, satisfying work, and good health that you never envisioned before. Physical energy will naturally increase and nurture organs, tissues and blood. Your increased energy levels will lengthen time you spend playing, sparking you to explore even more.

When was the last time you biked off trail just for the fun of it – with no idea where the next turn will take you? Or skipped the gym altogether and instead hopped on a plane to walk the streets of Italy for the thrill of adventure?

Even when ideas occur to you that are fresh and unique, you most likely rationalize them away.  Sticking to the familiar concrete bike trail, most opt out for another weekend getaway to a convenient town versus a thrilling new journey.

To allow rewards and bliss into your life, it’s important to do things you have never done before. This practice attracts new perceptions and desires.  To do this, you mostly want to engage in activities that may seem silly or unnecessary, but at the same time feel exciting.

Recently I bought a new car so I could fit my bike in the back. My rational mind kept telling me the purchase was silly because I didn’t own a bike. I hadn’t biked in about 30 years. But I couldn’t stop feeling happy whenever I recalled the exhilarating feeling of riding down a huge hill. Every time I drove away from my home in my new car, my spirit constantly reminded me to buy a bike.  My favorite drive is also a popular route for avid bikers. Literally hundreds travel the area everyday.  Watching their determination as they pedaled up the long gradual hill, took my breath away.

Dodging linear ideas that are limiting and slow down the process is key to individuality. Buying a car specifically for a bike that hasn’t been purchased yet isn’t sensible. When you repeatedly have excited feelings about something, move in the direction that they’re pointing to. These feelings are signposts asking you to turn here. Every time you do, surprises will appear that align you with the good you deserve.  Living a lifetime of joy means following your happy feelings over and over again.

All my love,

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