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Ask Marie – September 2012

Have a question for Marie? She answers questions written into her website in her quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie is able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the person. Only first names will be used and other identifying qualifiers will be changed to create anonymity.

Thank you as always for writing into my quarterly newsletter!  It’s a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions.  I trust the information will be helpful or lead you to a healthy resolution!

Dear Marie

It was so wonderful seeing you again at your recent book signing at Barnes & Noble.

I just loved the book and it will no doubt continue to be an on-going source of valuable information. 

I want to ask you about pain that I recently developed in my right heel. It’s to the point that I now am constantly wearing orthotic inserts in all my shoes & can no longer go barefoot. Goodbye sandals and flip-flops or any shoe without sturdy backing to accommodate the inserts. I’m going to the wedding of some dear friends next month and, apparently, I’ll have to be wearing flats with my dress. My sense is that this has something to do with moving forward in the world (right foot). I just can’t believe this since walking is one of my greatest joys. It would mean so very much to me if you would share your insight on this. Will this go away?

All my love & thanks.

Dear Diana,

It was lovely to see you too! I’m grateful you enjoyed the book!! I just love how the universe knows what will get our attention. Since you like to walk, I’m not surprised that you’re having to take some time off to figure out (emotionally) why your right heel is experiencing pain.  Although I’m sorry for your discomfort, I think your pain is about your stubbornness. Grinding your heels in the sand, so to speak. Usually when we’re being stubborn the reason for it is literally right under our nose. I know how intuitive you are. Please spend some time placing your dominant hand on your second chakra and get very, very neutral – release all emotion and be present there. Then ask, “What do I NOT want to know”? The answers that come up will lead you into a greater place of surrender, allowing your life to receive what you’re wanting.

Best of luck!!


Dear Marie,

Besides my weight, I’m feeling as though my children’s chapter books are at a crossroads. Will the books make it or is writing them a waste of time.

Thank you Marie. 

Dear D.C.,

I hardly think that anything in this world is a waste. All of the events in our lives have a positive spin– absolutely everything. It can take a while to see and appreciate the gifts that the universe delivers. I would work on feeling grateful for all that has happened in your life, including writing children’s books.  Perhaps they aren’t what will get you into the publishing world, but transitioning into another genre of writing might. First, I would ask yourself if writing sings to your soul.  Passion is the key to destiny; many times this key is not what we thought we wanted. Experiencing heaven-felt emotions while doing particular things are the signposts directing us towards a meaningful, blissful life.

I would also learn to love your body exactly the way it is now. It will always change, as it has since you were conceived. Loving it now will assist you in having a body that makes you smile when you look in the mirror!

Wising you the best of luck!


Dear Marie,

My question is about my relationship with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law totally gets under my skin. I just don’t like her. One of the things I watch her do is to disregard my husband when he’s answering a question she has asked him. She will ask him about his job. He’s so successful and proud of his accomplishments and always looking for her approval but he never gets it. You’d think as a mother she’d be super proud and would listen and praise him but it’s never like that. I have as little to do with her as possible, but I can’t get out of the holiday get-togethers because it would really upset my husband. Holidays are not the fun, carefree times that they should be. I go into stress mode about a month before every holiday. My husband goes into “numb mode” when his mother is around. I don’t find it so easy to just go numb when visiting with them. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Dear Melinda,

It’s great that you’re setting boundaries with your mother-in-law by not seeing her too often.  Truly this is your husband’s issue.  Needing approval from another person, especially those who will not approve of him, regardless of who they are, is the issue. In regards to family members DNA only has a two true meanings. One; how we arrive into the physical form. Second; identify unhealthy patterns within the family that we want to heal once we get here. Real family members are not necessarily those we are born into. They are those who automatically adore us and love us. They can be easily identified by their constant cheerleading from the bleachers of our life. I would suggest you try another reaction to your mother-in-law’s disapproving attitude. When she’s near and you’re about to ramp up into frustration, send loving, approving, and prideful feelings to your husband. This will create the change you’re wanting and reduce your anxiety!

Good luck!

All my love,

Dear Marie, 

I’ve had something weighing on me lately concerning a person involved in a difficult situation in my past. My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend three years ago, and it wasn’t until last January that I confronted this situation in its entirety. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I contacted her to try to resolve the animosity between her and my boyfriend, and since then we continue to see her at his music performances on occasion. It’s a complicated situation because the cheating scenario was actually sexual assault on her part, hence some animosity on top of an already traumatic situation. She and I had some very open and honest dialogue back and forth for several days and then it was laid to rest. That was eight months ago, but recently I have felt like my guides are trying to tell me something about this that hasn’t been satisfied, almost as if she is directing strong energy towards me about something that isn’t resolved, or maybe something we have to learn from each other, or maybe something that has nothing to do with my boyfriend. The situation still feels pesky and I’m not sure why or what it is that I have yet to learn. 

Thank you for your time. I so truly appreciate what you do,

Dear Mer,

Do you think that your feelings might have nothing to do with your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, but maybe more about your boyfriend? I can feel that he loves you, and he feels bad about the history he created. But he is the one who made the choice to cheat, regardless of how the event occurred. I think your feelings are about not trusting him. You were able to blame her for much of the cheating, but he is an adult and responsible for ALL his actions. I think deep inside you’re coming to terms with the truth rather than the excuse (I see him supporting the excuses). Maybe you’re having a hard time trusting him and you don’t want to admit your real feelings, so you’re placing them elsewhere. We tend to blame ourselves in situations that we wish had not occurred. Ask yourself what you need from him and ask your being to be free and trust again!

Wishing you all the best!


Dear Marie,

Over the last two to three weeks I have had an attack (!) of sciatic nerve pain. I read in your book about connections to the first and second chakra connections, which made perfect sense. I’m working on old anger & grief about my father who passed six years ago. I’m doing the emotional and energy work, however, the pain is hanging on. What’s up with that and how else can I work with it?

Grateful despite my pain in the “@#$”.

Be well,

Dear Linda,

Have you forgiven yourself? I know that sounds terrible, but we blame ourselves the most, regardless of the circumstances. After you have forgiven yourself, think of the things you most wish had happened in your relationship with your dad.  Here is an example: If you wished your dad had been more appreciative of you and demonstrative with his love, try saying “Dad I forgive you for not often telling me how much you love me.  I also forgive you for not appreciating all the wonderful things I did for you when I was a kid.” This exercise will be helpful in healing the sciatic problem as well as letting you feel your dad and how much he loves you!  It’s so much easier to spread love when living on the otherside where you don’t have to worry about bills, and health issues!

I trust this will be helpful!


Dear Marie,

In my workplace I was exposed to toxic exhaust for 10 years.  Now I have been diagnosed (within the last two years) with Polycythemia Vera and very recently with High Risk Vascular disease.  Due to this, I have lost my job, and my illness (es) has made it impossible for me to work.  I have gradually gotten better, but still feel terrible most of the time.

I see a therapist who has helped a lot.  She has done some energy work with me…I think we both need some direction…Where am I stuck and what should I (we) be working on? 

Thank you!

Dear Lori,

I’m sorry to hear about your difficult health issues.  I’m sending you bright light for a full recovery. Now that the vascular situation is clearing up I think we can focus on the fact that healing from anything requires energy. Vascular problems reflect a huge lack of receiving. As the veins return blood to the respiratory and circulatory system, they receive vital fluids and return them to one of the largest systems in the body. You may have had difficulty healing simply because of not wanting to receive. There is a simple exercise in Chapter 5 of Intuitive Self-Healing, which helps enormously with receiving. Ask your therapist to work with you regarding feeling grief from not being able to receive. Then you can easily move into the bliss of allowing the universe to love you!


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