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Deep Within the Fourth Chakra

I believe that every moment we are crafting our lives. Every one of your thoughts and feelings creates the world you see and enjoy, and the world you wish would go away. You might not be able to change every negative thought and feeling you have so as to ensure a more meaningful life, but you can learn how to increase the flow of neutral energy. Neutralizing your energy provides the perfect fuel to power a fulfilling life.

Judging circumstances as good or bad means we want something specific to happen in order to be happy, blessed, or lucky— whatever it is that we seek as human beings. Though we might want particular events to occur, all conditions have the same value. They just are. In each instant, there is more beauty than we can possibly stand. Letting go of our desires and judgments, and allowing the beauty to be seen, is called being “neutral.”

Neutrality is a high-frequency energy that flows within the fourth chakra. It is from this unbiased place that we learn to forgive, to compromise instead of fight, and to love where initially we felt there was nothing to love. This place, deep within the fourth chakra, is where real awareness lives. Gaining access to this type of loving energy allows human beings to grow consciously and create a world that surpasses their dreams.

Everything Is Energy

The Internet page you’re reading right now is made up of trillions of subatomic particles. So is the computer. The subatomic particles, which are composed of electrons and protons, are continually in motion, forming images you can see and relate to with your human eyes. Everything in the universe is animated with energy. Quantum Physics, the branch of science that studies subatomic particles, has helped us to understand why and how this is true.

The subatomic world of energy creates the home you live in, the car you drive, and the clothing you’re wearing right now. Every thought and feeling you have is energy too. It may be hard to imagine that everything in the universe is made of invisible tiny dots, which most people can see only with an electron microscope. If I wasn’t able to see that the world is composed of subatomic particles, I, too, would find it challenging to accept. Emotions, like everything, are made of pure energy. They form patterns in your body based on feelings you have expressed or repressed throughout your lifetime. Even if you are not aware of your feelings, they circulate within your body creating health, happiness, abundance, or the lack of these things

When your thoughts are consumed by worries and concerns, they create that same type of energy, which shapes your life experiences. Only by neutralizing that energy can you see the beauty in each moment rather than the suffering, and stop producing negative results in your life. Ultimately this will teach you how to receive—the real job of the fourth chakra.

I was recently reminded of this energetic truth when I became overwhelmed with remodeling areas in my home. Since my three daughters have been in college over the last seven years, spending cash on refinishing my hardwood floors or updating my bathrooms had been placed in a category I like to call: “ this- is-driving-me-mad-but-their-education-takes-priority. As a believer in manifesting principles, I knew that telling myself I couldn’t repair the house while I was paying for college were self-limiting beliefs. I told myself I was too busy, too tired, or too something, to work my magic of changing my mind in order to change my reality, and reach that beautiful place of peace.

Eventually the frustration became so uncomfortable that I began to neutralize my feelings and ultimately my energy. I started to appreciate the bathrooms I had. Gratitude increases flow of positive energy. I also began to celebrate refinished hardwood floors and new tiles even though they had yet to materialize. Celebrating what’s coming before it arrives also increases the flow of positive energy.

Mixing positive feelings with negative ones neutralizes energy and allows you to dwell deep within the fourth chakra where the universe connects directly with your unharnessed power. When you’re neutral, the universe brings you whatever is your highest desire—most likely something you have never thought of. After I spent four months neutralizing my feelings, the remodeling began to take place. Today I have refinished hardwood floors and a new master bath that feels like a spa, and I’m at peace!

For the next three weeks change the way you think and feel about something in your life that is driving your crazy. Don’t worry if you have many more negative feelings than positive ones. Positive feelings have many more subatomic particles than negative ones. It only takes a few positive feelings a day to neutralize your energy and change your life.

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