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Cheers to Spring!

The Flowers are Blooming!

Wherever you are in the world may the weather bring a smile to your face, and spread pleasure throughout your soul. Intuitive Self-Healing is steadily moving out into the world. Thank you for your cards, emails, FB notes, tweets, Google buzz, and the beautiful reviews on Amazon and Sounds True. I’m over the moon thrilled that my first book has brought a smile, a tear, or an “aha” moment to its reader.

My very first online course ever, begins April 17th with Sounds True – Attuning to the Unseen World: How to Receive Guidance and Healing from Higher Dimensions. I’m looking forward to teaching over this six week course about the reality beyond the physical world. I hope you can join me!

I’ve added two new features to my quarterly newsletter; Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse. Each will offer quick insights that I hope will be helpful to your life. May you enjoy this newsletter as much I loved writing it!

Mystic Moment

One of the most important psychic truths my guides have shared with me is that intuition is rarely, if ever expressed in a fearful way. Many people think that the gut instinct, where you feel pain in your belly, is actually a sign to not follow through on your original plans. True insight will provide more information than a gut-ache, and most likely won’t cause you serious pain to get your attention. If you tend to rely on belly discomfort to help you make decisions in your life, try asking your guides – What would you really like me to know about this situation? Then go about your daily life and wait for an answer. Answers may come from a book you’re reading, a friend or strangers comments, or your inner awareness, like an “aha” moment. True intuition is freeing, and brings to light the big picture.

Energy Pulse

Have you ever wondered why you can feel so light, but yet so heavy at the same time?

Having both feelings at the same time equals balance. Grounding to earth creates a heavy feeling, while sensing a connection to heaven feels light. 

March 17

Toughen Your Mental Power and Thrive


Your mind is a powerful tool. When it’s used properly, good vibes, and surprising positive outcomes will follow you in every area of your life.  If you allow your energy system to learn new tricks, especially during a startling time …

March 17

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


Mystic Moment ~ Everything in the Universe has incredible magic. Sometimes life events make it appear difficult to notice enchantment. However, cherished moments are still very near.  Being present may be a requirement to perceive beautiful and fascinating happenings all …