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What Limiting Beliefs Are Blocking Your Intuition?

I have often wondered what beliefs hide ones intuition? How can some things be so vivid and easily understood, while others are uncomfortably hidden? Intuition is a constant as is the third eye, located in the center of your head. The third eye is an all —seeing, hearing, feeling-preserving tool. It doesn’t judge or exclude information. It’s on all the time. Its greatest gift is to provide a bigger picture so you can select the wisest option for you!

However, intuitive insight can be thinned or weakened due to filters that are manifested through our undesirable belief system.

Filters can screen-out data from your sensitivity—information that could be freeing if received. Recently I realized that expectations, fueled by unconscious beliefs, support filters that can mislead the needed information to help you stay on your unique yellow brick road of life.

Happily you don’t need to have regression therapy (unless that sounds like fun) to uncover halfhearted beliefs. Instead, recognizing and paying attention to your expectations can clear the clutter from your filters and free your intuitive awareness!

Expectations manifest in different ways. They can cause us to think and plan for the future. Perhaps, a future we believe we deserve right now! They can show up as undesired events yet to be manifested, commonly called worries. Either way expectations keep us from the present moment, where all insight comes from.

Recently a client of mine was telling me about a trip she would be taking in a few days. The trip sounded lovely, yet she was primarily focused on a potential problem with one of her daughters. When I brought her expectation to her consciousness she was surprised by how her thoughts had been expecting a negative outcome before she even got on the plane.

If you’re not sure what your expectations might be, here are a few pointers:

    • Expectations, unfulfilled, are VERY disappointing.
    • One is generally highly focused (can’t stop thinking about it) on achieving the desired outcome.
    • Answers on how to achieve the expectation seem useless. Yet, the uncomfortable seeking of an answer keeps on keeping on.

If any of the above suggestions stir a thread of recognition in you’re being than you may be harboring a few expectations. Actually, I have yet to meet folks who don’t. Ok, maybe Eckhart Tolle. I haven’t formally met him, but while in his presence, it was very difficult to think, let alone reflect on my expectations.

To help your mind depart from expectations, you only have to return to the present. Simple—right? The act of being present is unpretentious beauty. Getting to this modest moment takes diligent mindfulness and redirection.

Below are two tools I use everyday. I trust they will be of benefit for you too.

    • Try repeating silently I’m an aware presence over and over again until your existence is once again revealed to you.
    •  Tacitly feeling your body—like your skin on your feet, wrapped in your socks, tucked into your shoes—can unveil the magic of the moment too.

Once you have identified your current expectations pick one and use the tools above when your mind becomes filled with its need. With dedication you will clean away the clutter in your filters and sense your remarkable destiny!

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