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Cheers to Our New Earth!

Personally 2011 has been a very big year! Traveling abroad (alone) for the first time…yikes!—securing the publisher of my dreams ♥ —and allowing loving people like you into my heart! Your tweets, FB notes, holiday cards, and radio call-ins of gratitude have deeply touched my core.

Thank you for diving deeper into your awareness, no mater how hard or scary it seems, and allowing me to be apart of your growth!  It has been an honor. May our next year together light fire to our world and blaze an uncommon path!


Glorious 2012 is Here Now!

When the rumblings of 2012 caught my attention in the latter part of 2010; I thought what is everyone talking about? My guides have said nothing about the end of the world in 2012! Months went by without further word, and then suddenly they began reporting the opposite of most predictions.  Not the end of civilization, but the beginning of the end of violence. Thanks in part to energies connected to the Mayan calendar and its completion.

They explained that the Mayan culture, although connected to the unseen world, was very violent. The Mayan system of calculating years held a vibration of war.  Now that their method is ending, the vibration can change.

It may take many years for lasting peace to emerge in our world, but signs of transformation are already visible—the US pulling out of Iraq, and the passing of several violent leaders in recent months.

On a personal level you may notice an increased ease in your life and a greater ability to calm your mind. Globally, more people will feel awakening energy.  Many may sense consciousness of their awareness for the first time. This shift in mindfulness assists all of humanity to hold compassion…finally!

December 20

The Year of Expansion and Letting Go


Imagine the truth of the atomic world; electrons and protons circling your universe in an invisible hush of energetic flurry, creating everything in its wake. When subatomic particles constrict, our view narrows, allowing for clarity about where to go and …

December 20

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse


Mystic Moment Our world is changing. And, no, I don’t mean it’s going backwards. The Earth is moving forward! We live closer than we ever have before, and even in this close proximity, we are less violent then any other documented time. 2020 …