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Where is Your Connection to the Universe?

In truth the universe is inside of each of us and all around us too. There is no way you could ever separate yourself from the vast cosmos, even if you wanted to. When you emerged into creation, perhaps thousands of years ago, your existence became irreplaceable.

Even though you have a constant connection to the galaxies, you may feel at times, completely disconnected. If you feel the familiar and undesirable sense that you’re all alone on this fun planet Earth – you’re not.  And, you never will be.  Even after your energy leaves our unique physical reality, it will be held by loving and supportive forces.

Now that 2012 is upon us, recognizing your mighty connection is imperative for conscious growth.  Collectively, our human race has been evolving the third chakra; the energy center of self-love and healthy immunity. In the New Year we will assemble our awareness into the fourth energy center – the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the mid point between a vibrational pattern of human survival, (the first three energy centers), and the vibrational pattern of higher self awareness, (the last three energy centers). It is also the place where universal love can be found.

Beginning next year all of humanity will merge into the fourth chakra and learn how to emulate its powerful connection to source.  Most will not be conscious of our ascent into the mid point, but each of us will have many opportunities to surrender fear and embrace the higher self.

In celebration of this momentous growth of our species, I offer a meditation below to help you embrace all there is.


Find a quiet place to rest and hold your being close. Pay attention to your breath for several minutes. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your brain where the third eyes dwells.  Ask your sixth energy center to come alive and assist you in feeling your magnificent connection to the universes.  Whether you see, hear or feel your being link up with your third eye, know that its cognizance exists for all.

Now ask this powerful chakra to move its awareness into the mid point, your fourth chakra.  You may notice a tingling sensation or a pull toward your chest. Allow any and all etheric, physical or emotional feelings to be present.  As this energy center develops, it becomes empathic, feeling all things.

Great, now place your dominant hand gently on the fourth chakra at the center of your upper chest. Imagine your hand is sinking into your body. Imagine there is no separation between your hand and your heart. Visualize that the skin on your hand melts into your chest cavity with ease. Take as long as you need to feel this bond between your physical self and your energy.

Great, now use your senses and perceive a pathway from the front of your chest leading you to the back of your chest. Whether you see it, hear it, or feel it, somehow know that a path is there – wonderful.  Now let your sixth energy center guide you onto the path and visualize it all the way through your upper back – beautiful!  Follow the passage into the universe and all the love possible.  Breathe in warmth and your connection to this unconditional loving presence.  Smile and know you are home.

Use this meditation weekly, and feel your alliance with the Universe!

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