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Becoming a Medium

Are You a Medium?

A Medium is a person who stands energetically on a bridge that connects multi-dimensional worlds. The bridge is only visible to those living on the otherside and those who communicate with the afterlife. If a Medium learns to communicate with those who have passed over, he or she can converse essential information that can heal old wounds and grief among family members and friends living in this world.

I had no idea I was a medium or that a multi-dimensional bridge even existed, until I began seeing one in my nightly dreams at the age of 40. The bridge was small, covered in fog, and reminded me of a bridge one might see over a stream or a pond in a tranquil setting. Eventually, I saw myself standing in the middle of the bridge in my dreams. I was alone, at peace, and happy to be there. Until I woke up and wondered why I was having a reoccurring bridge dream, as I rarely remember my dreams and those I have always delivered a precognitive message about something new coming into my future. Wanting to know it’s meaning, I decided to get proactive with the dreams and set an intention before falling asleep. I hoped they would progress faster and it’s real message revealed.

After a few nights of goal setting I became comfortable within the dreams, and examined my surroundings from the bridge. I noticed trees, birds and a few small animals living among the mist. Their presence, I believe, allowed the dreams to progress. The next night, while standing on the bridge in my dream, I saw a mysterious dark curtain about 20 feet to my right. It felt like something or someone was behind the curtain beckoning me to come closer. I heard nothing but the pull towards the curtain was intense. Anxiety filled my awareness whenever I thought of giving into the tug. My subconscious mind whispered – the world you live in and know well is to the left. Move to a new realm.

I looked towards the shadowy drape and heard a male voice asking me to step closer. “You are safe, come.” I walked up to the shade and tried to pull back at what looked like heavy fabric, but my hand fell through the cloth as if it didn’t exist. Gazed through the dematerializing curtain I saw faces – old, young, male and female. I recognized none. The 20 plus faces smiled at me as if they knew me and were delighted to see me again. I looked back, and my being filled with warmth.

I woke from that dream knowing I could see and communicate with individuals who no longer live on Earth. I cannot explain how I knew this information, only that as I opened me eyes, I experienced a flood of awareness and the bridge dreams message.

Six months later, I experienced my first conversation with a women living on the other side. Although some what reluctantly. I was at work, filling in for one of the charge nurses, when I heard a women’s voice as I walked down the hall. I turned around looking for the person speaking, but saw no one, until I realized the voice was coming from the celling and looked up. I must have looked a little strange staring up into the air, straining my eyes, trying to focus on a floating blob of energy. As I stared at the glob I began to see a woman’s face. She was older. Perhaps, in her late sixties, with a round face, grey hair and blue eyes. She wore a scarf around her head. At least it looked like a scarf? I could not make out any other distinguishing factors, or see her lips move, but I could hear her words clearly.

She told me to pass a message to her son for her. Maybe it was in the way she instructed me rather than asking me, but immediately I felt defensive. I was not in a “woo woo” mood. Filling in for the charge nurse was a responsibility I took seriously. The woman neither explained who or where her son was. Surrounded by patients, family members and hospital staff, I had no idea who he was. I communicated back, using mental telepathic techniques; explaining my situation and walked into the adjacent hallway. Once I walked away I couldn’t hear her. But each time I returned, her voice got a little louder. I did my best to ignore her.

I was tired from working two jobs. I had started a energy medicine practice in my home. My 20 year marriage was ending, and I was learning how to balance all the paranormal activity that occurred every day with my regular life. Not to mention my growing responsibilities to my three teenage daughters.

The mutually irritating conversation went on throughout the day. I felt guilty and wished I could just avoid that section of the hospital, but alas my duties required me there. Finally at 2 p.m., one hour before the end of my shift, she told me again to pass a message to her son. But this time I could feel her desperation. Feeling her panic released my frustration instantly. Allowing me to know where her son was. He was a patient, staying in the room directly in front of me.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the door and knocked. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I had learned that if I speak frankly about my multisensory world, somehow everything works out magically. I closed my eyes for a moment and silently prayed for a positive outcome. Up until that moment most of the clairvoyant images I received related to an individuals healing process. Now I was stepping into a whole new area, talking to the dead.

I asked the young man, about thirty years of age, lying in bed, if I could speak to him and his wife. There was a young women sitting at his beside. He said yes and introduced me to his sister. I stepped into the room and closed the door. I explained that my visit was not routine and asked if their mother had passed away. He said yes. I then asked if her personality was pushy and direct when she was alive. They both broke out into laughter and said yes! The laughter filled the room and immediately put me at ease. I said, “Your mother basically yelled at me all day until I agreed to talk with you.” They smiled as if what I said was a normal part of an everyday conversation. They seemed pleased that we were talking about their mom. I asked if I could lay hands on him in order to energetically connect with his mother and pass on her message. He said yes.

I stood at the side of the bed, across from his sister, and laid both of my hands on his abdomen. Immediately, I felt immense fear. His body quickly told me that it was very sick and David was convinced he would soon die. I moved through the fear hoping to locate his mother’s energy. I found her presence near his chest and heard her say, “Tell my son he will survive this hospital visit.” As I spoke her words, I looked down at his face and saw tears running down. She went on to say that when it was his time he would join her on the otherside. And that she would always be with him.

Even though I was a little resistant with this first experience, it taught me how wonderful and powerful messages can be from those who love us form the otherside. I am now more than happy to be a messenger bridging worlds, always.

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