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Ask Marie – July 2011

Have a question? Marie will answer questions that are written into her website in her quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie will be able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the person. Only first names will be used and other identifying qualifiers will be changed to create unanimity. Please qualify your question to be answered in the newsletter.

Thank you as always for writing into my quarterly newsletter!  It’s a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions.  I trust the information will be helpful or lead you to a healthy resolution!

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for being available for us. I would like some help with health issues. I have seen a number of doctors, physical therapists, homeopaths etc, but I still have way too much pain and weakness in much of my body, my legs and feet especially. I am looking at gluten-free options and have recently discovered a genetic problem with my inability to absorb certain B Vitamins all of my life. I am hoping for relief, but am confused at how much pain I have.

Thank you for any insights you have.

Dear Leslie,

You’re very welcome it’s my pleasure. I’m sorry for all the pain you have experienced and I’m grateful for all the hard work your doing to heal this area in your life. Physical pain, particularly pre–longed, is associated with repressed emotional pain. You might want to invest some of your funds towards a therapist to discover the emotional issues connected to the original pain.

Pain in the legs and feet is associated with the first chakra, our first family and whatever happened in childhood. Your guides have asked me to send an energetic program to help ease the discomfort in your body (its on its way). One area that comes to mind as I send out energy to you is associated to you feeling safe here on earth. Do some grounding exercises to pull up earth energy to help you feel more comfortable here, and safe to explore your repressed emotions.


Dear Marie

I am very concerned about my younger sister “K”s mental and physical health. I am quite intimidated in trying to approach her (uncertain of her reaction). How can I help her find a peaceful time for herself and understand the impact her state has on her family? I ask my deceased mother to try and guide her as well.

Thank you

Dear Kathleen,

I’m sorry for the difficulty your family has experienced and of course about the worries you have for your sister. What I’m about to express may seem unkind, but I think you have to let your sister be. Wait for her to want to be helped and ready to hear your sound advice. It would be great if you could stop seeing her as a victim and instead see her as the amazing and powerful being she is, guiding her life in a way she feels best suits her at this time. If you can hold that energy in your mind and heart, she may come around eventually from feeling your unconditional love. If she doesn’t, your job in this lifetime is to happily accept her as she is. I have sent a thousand angels to her side where your mother stands. She is with her always!


Dear Marie,

I’ve had some injuries/health issues that are forcing me to take better care of myself, putting myself first instead of last like usual. My question is, why am I not getting better if I’m saying yes to myself and no to others more often? Am I missing something? I have a painful bump on my right Achilles tendon, left heel pain and bursitis and the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my left knee. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time :)
Mary Ann

Dear Mary Ann,

I’m sorry for the difficulty you’re experiencing with your body and grateful that you are taking better care of you! Your guides tell me you’re from good stock which means other than the health issues you are experiencing, you’re a hearty person. They also tell how grateful they are about that because you have been a major giver in your lifetime and you might have succumbed to more serious health issues if you hadn’t come from “good stock.”

The left side of the body is about receiving. Ankle and wrist problems are about not receiving from the universe and holding back the flow healthy energy into your life. Bone density problems are about stubbornness. I feel your heath issues will, and are improving. It feels like you had a boomerang of health issues because the fight you previously held up was so strong, that when your energy changed (stopped over giving) your body was unclear about what do with the new shift. Your guides tell me that you’re doing great and have offered a new homework assignment for you.

Notice when you’re feeling stubborn and make no decisions until the feeling subsides. This will release pent up energy in your body and create a better flow to every area of your anatomy! I sent you a boatload of energy-titled patients.


Dear Marie,

I always have a question so when you asked, I HAD to write! :)
My 13 year old daughter is VERY interested in learning how to see auras. I would love some advice on where to point her! Actually, I wouldn’t mind learning that myself!


Dear Lauri,

When I look at your bright, (slightly opinionated), beautiful daughter I see that she already sees auras. Many times people think they don’t have an ability that they already have and use. You’re daughter seems to be good at feeling others out accurately and her guides tell me that she already has vision of the aura. In this case I would have her repeat a special mantra to remove any fear she may have so that she can better engage with her true self and unlimited abilities to see beyond the veil.

Before I could see dead people (those living on the otherside) I felt them all the time. I also could tell that there was a part of me that was afraid to see them. So I repeated a mantra to release any fear and to communicate more accurately what I really wanted, to communicate with the dead.

Here is an example of an mantra that might be helpful for the both of you! I embrace my blessed ability to see auras, and happily rejoice in my sight.When envisioning auras, first try and close your physical eyes, so as not to be distracted by the physical world.


Dear Marie,

I called in to your show recently and we talked about an arch I have that is opening up soon (I think it opened last week). How long do arches stay open? When you asked, I said I wanted the arch opening to be about “career”. Is and archway just for one area of a person’s life or can it pertain to all areas (of life)? Thanks for the clarification.

A devoted listener,

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for listening to the show! Doing the show twice a week is one of my greatest joys!

Archways show up for a period of time, usually 12 to 36 months, and sometimes longer. An arch can pertain to something general or it can be more specific. Yours feels like it’s related to you learning to make a choice. Career is absolutely connected to it but so are many things in your life. Your guides tell me that you have many interests and have a hard time choosing, making it difficult to move forward. Over the next 16 months (the length left in your current open arch) you may feel odd that you’re making more choices. You may even wonder where the feeling of certainty is coming from. Making decisions helps to understand better what we want and eventually we develop feelings that we can recognize when we choose well. And that’s what the guides in your archway are working on with you! In my CD program, How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides (set to be released next March), I go into better detail about archways!

Sending you energy that allows you to feel that you KNOW!


Dear Marie,

I have listened to you for quite some time and must say your voice soothes my soul.

I had a very traumatic childhood and as an adult stumble back and forth through life, like most of us, only I can see patterns that I no longer wish carry with me. I have seen therapists over the years; some helped some not so much, and have done extensive metaphysical work for the past twenty years.

I heard through a friend about a two week intensive therapy approach located in Evergreen Colorado. I was going to go a bit ago, but it is very expensive and I did not have the funds. I was also recovering from a family members serious illness and then I had to have surgery along with school commitments for completing my certification as a personal. This is a new career for me though I have been physically active my whole life, that is why I decided to become a pt.

I am finding I recognize the need in me to heal the child and my heart. I have grown and changed in some ways but many things still haunt me. I find repetition in my coping patterns that I am ready to release.

I am wondering if you can intuit if this facility will be a good place to release my negative coping behaviors and patterns (which I had no control over as I was a child) and move forward, resolve and release, instead of the constant back and forth.

I honor your abilities and I too have strong intuition that I use. But as you know when you are in a cloudy place it is too difficult to make clear intuitive decisions for yourself.

Thank you for any insight you can provide.

Dear Mel,

Thank for listening to the show and I’m grateful your soul likes it too! I’m sure the program you’re considering is a good one. However, I have another idea that I would like you to try first, before investing in Evergreen, CO. My guides taught me a healing technique that I used to help heal my own childhood pain. As I write this, your guides tell me that you might have some resistance to the exercise. Because sometimes our stories become close companions in our lives, and releasing them can feel like letting go of an old friend. So if you feel any resistance with the exercise, just sit with it for a while before attempting it.

In this exercise you make up a different childhood in your mind and you allow your being to feel loved and adored just as you wanted to feel. Then run the new memory in your mind for about 5 minutes three times a week. The reason why this works is because at anytime, anything can be healed. Each of us has a higher self and the higher self of your family members wishes the individual had shown up loving and kind. Your higher self and those whom you have pain about will positively help in healing the past for you.

I talk about this exercise in my new CD program due out next March.

Sending healing light to you always!


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