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Calling all Spirit Guides

Your guides may seem to be miles away or at some unconceivable distance. You may be asking yourself as you read this, “What are guides?” Spirit guides are beings who are not currently in physical form. They have been here before, but now reside on the other side. Your spirit guides are not strangers to you. It’s possible that you may have shared a previous lifetime together. You may have been a guide for them when they lived a life on Earth. Regardless of how you know them, you trust and respect them. This is why you asked them to guide you on this earthly journey. Your guides in turn, feel deep love for you, and understand your true essence and desires.

Now would be a great time to utilize your profound bond because your guides are meant to guide you. Yep, that’s right, guide you. You can choose to operate as most humans do, completely unconscious of the guidance they receive, or you can seek out their wisdom and love. Assistance can come through many forms: words, visions, dreams or feelings. Guides work tirelessly to get the information through and generally approach the information from multiple angles. They sometimes spend years hoping to get your attention. The most important part of receiving help is to feel the direction given. If it feels good then it’s from your guides. Below are two stories from my past that helped me to find my way to understanding how to communicate with my spirit guides.

In 1997 I decided to return to college.  I had no idea what I wanted to study.  My husband had been pestering me to study nursing.  He felt it would be a good career choice as I loved to read and loved people. This wasn’t the first time someone had told me to consider nursing.  My father was the first, suggesting nursing as a career when I was six years old.  We lived in family student housing for the University of Washington, both my parents were students.  Our front yard was a playground, one of several for all the kids who lived there. I was riding a toy elephant when my dad suddenly said “I think you should be a nurse Marie. What do you think of that?” Of course I said nothing because I don’t think I knew for certain what a nurse was. The memory of that moment has been vivid in my mind my whole life.

Years later when I was fresh out of high school, attending community college for the first time, I became friends with several students who were applying to the nursing program.  They suggested I apply too.  I thought the idea was a terrible one. I was raised to avoid conventional medicine, to appreciate organic food, supplements, and counseling (my mom is a counselor).

But for some reason, in 1997 I decided to follow my husband’s advice and take a few science classes. Perhaps the message was finally coming through? I also thought in the back of my mind, “When I do poorly in my science classes that should shut everyone up.” To my surprise, and delight, I loved all my classes and got mostly A’s on my college report card.

I could not deny that nursing was meant to be in my future and applied to a nursing program.  And well, the rest is history!

About 17 years ago, a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis was optimistic as was our friend.  However, months before he was diagnosed, I had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I saw him.  The feeling was like losing one’s footing near a large hole in the earth. I literally felt like I was going to fall in when I was near him (keep in mind this was years before I knew I was an intuitive). At the time I didn’t know what the sensation meant, but I knew it wasn’t good.

A month after he was diagnosed I was home alone, thinking about him and his young family, when I heard a women’s voice speak clearly in my head.  The voice was calm and somehow sounded helpful to me.  She said “Yes, your friend will leave his body soon. You will be with him on the day he leaves.  If there is something you would want to say to him on his final day, think about it now so you will be prepared.”  Then the voice was gone.  I was to say the least, shocked and surprised by this unseen communication that seemed to come out of nowhere.  But the calming manner of her words made me wonder how important the moment would be. If indeed I was to be with him the day he passed.

When I recovered from the unexpected conversation, and thought about what I might say to him, only one thing stood out. It seemed feverous. I tried to be serious with the pretend conversations I had with him in my mind, but it wouldn’t go away.

I had thought for years that this lovely man was one of the most handsome men I had ever met.  Not just his physical appearance (dark, not tall, and handsome) but his kind nature too. He was an honest person, who loved his wife and children.  Even though he was very handsome he never acted like he was.

On the day he passed I was indeed in his hospital room. I had arrived late for a cafeteria lunch with his wife and a few other girlfriends.  So I told him that I thought he was one of the most handsome men I had ever met.  He was having a hard time leaving his body and I hope my words distracted him from his discomfort at least for a little while.

Years later when I realized I was a medium he started visiting me. I consider him a very good friend on the other side. And when I see his children I hug them for him.

Perhaps a message has come to you over and over again and you’re not paying attention to it?  I recommend you become curious to it, and see what unfolds. Most folks are completely unaware of their true life path as I was regarding nursing. The majority of people have no idea what will generate immense passion in their lives and hearts. But your guides know.

Strong feelings can be difficult to explain. Many times strong feelings are your guide’s way of communicating information. Your job is to pay attention. If you do, you will understand what the feeling means. This will help you decipher other strong feelings in the future.  Just acknowledging rather than dismissing a feeling gives your guides the message that you’re paying attention and that you’re interested in knowing more.




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