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Ask Marie – March 2011

Have a question? Marie will answer questions that are written into her website in her quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie will be able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the person. Only first names will be used and other identifying qualifiers will be changed to create unanimity. Please qualify your question to be answered in the newsletter.

Thank you as always for writing into my quarterly newsletter!  It’s a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions.  I trust the information will be helpful or lead you to a healthy resolution!

Dear Marie,

I listen to your show and love it.

I am 51 and have been struggling with digestive problems for a few years. I’ve been to doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists you name it. They call it irritable bowel. I have bloating and have a lot of gas. I tend to hold my stress in my gut. Can you help?


Hi Kathy,

Thank you for listening to the show! I believe your digestive problems are directly related to your hormonal changes. I would at this time adjust your diet so that your digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard. Avoid wheat. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics as directed to facilitate better digestion.  Also, I think there is a great correlation with women in our age group and their souls need to be in the world passionately just for them! I would do your best to act as if your 30 years younger and just starting out in life, free, with every road ahead wide open. Keep me posted about your progress!!



Dear Marie,

I miss your trips up to Bellingham. I have written to you before about my daughter. She is now almost 14. She struggles with mild OCD. Currently she is very lonely and inhibited with her peers. She is shy, but longs for friendship. She is turning to her fantasy life to satisfy this real need. She also needs to cover her forehead/third eye much of the time. She says she feels energy is being taken from her. She wears a hat at home, but at school has to use her hand (discretely).

I sense her suffering, and we are investigating professional help. Any advice as you feel into her?


Hi Laura,

I miss Bellingham too!  Perhaps when the book is released I’ll be up your way doing talks and book signings.

I’m sorry your daughter is having difficulties.  I’m sending her healing white light right now.  I don’t believe energy is being taken away from her via the third eye, but I do think she is feeling her connection to multiple dimensions. She is a very sensitive being and can feel many things even beyond this world.

I think a naturopathic visit would be helpful to keep her stabilized on minerals. Her anxiety depletes the natural minerals in her body which is not good for her brain.  I would love for you to see her well and STOP worrying. I know it’s hard to not worry when things are not going the way you think they should go. Childhood is the shortest time of our lives.  If you can see her well, happy, and feel her loving life you will give her the best medicine the universe can supply. This will positively affect her now and in the future.



Dear Marie,

I have suffered a lot of loss this past year. Now I am having a hard time trusting in life and am worrying all the time about something bad happening again. How can I stop?


Hi Kristen,

Loss is hard and I’m sorry for its current challenge in your life. I think the biggest problem we have in this world is not being prepared for potential loss.  At some point, everything and everyone goes away.  Nothing truly disappears, but everything eventually changes. If we can learn how to accept this fact of nature, and realize we are far more than how we identify ourselves while we live in human form, we can more easily let go. Try the exercise below to help let go:

Sit in a quiet place and begin to strip way all the things that currently identify you as Kristin. Motherhood, being a daughter, aunt, partner, employee, woman…you get the idea. It may feel weird but this is very helpful to not only expand who you are in the universe but to also let go of what we think is important. When you are none of the things mentioned above (you may use other descriptors) than what or who are you? This exercise also helps you realize that others are more than what we identified as being too!



Dear Marie,

My daughter struggles with depression. She is 36 and on medication, but struggles with life daily. I have done energy work on her, but she doesn’t seem to benefit for any length of time. During 2010 she was often suicidal. She is a single parent and lives in another state, I am often quite afraid for her and my grandson. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide us.

Thank you,


Hi Elizabeth

I’m so sorry to hear about your worries with your daughter.  Obviously the medication is not working.  Seeing a naturopath would be a great next step. There are so many natural remedies that work great for depression.  Not to mention a naturopath has a great capacity to get to the core reasons for her issues (ie: hormonal or chemical imbalances in the brain). Regarding you doing energy work with your daughter, it’s hard to work on family. I rarely do.  Instead try using trusted friends to work on her. If you do work on her (because I see you working on her), try to work on her head with the intention of shifting her neurotransmitters. This will fire positive thoughts in her brain. When you can, think positive thoughts about your daughter as those thoughts work best for healing.

Sending love your way!


Dear Marie,

Words cannot express how much I enjoy your show! I know you sometimes answer questions in your newsletter. I was curious…I’ve always have had a weight problem and I now am diabetic.  The last seven years have been a struggle for me in every area of my life. My daughter, Jenna, who is 25 has “X’d” me out of her life in the last three years. I raised her by myself and we always had a great relationship. What are your thoughts concerning my health & the situation with my daughter. I am really working on “surrendering” the situation with Jenna but find it difficult at times.

I appreciate your work and send you blessings! Also, you have the MOST calming voice I think I have ever heard and I am blessed by you work.

Thank you once again!


Hi Kay,

I’m so glad you enjoy the show!  Diabetes has a strong component of stubbornness connected to it.  Meaning my dear, you are probably a stubborn person. This means that it will be very important for you to listen to others.  You don’t have to follow everyone’s advice, but let your being take in ALL the information without shutting it out.  Then you can move forward in your life with the help of others, each of us needs assistance.  Perhaps your daughter feels you may not be listening to her? You’re a very smart women Kay, and you know a lot. Try expanding your knowledge through the eyes of others.  As you become open to what others know, you may notice your blood sugar stabilizing and your weight shifting in a healthy way!



Dear Marie,

I’ve had the wonderful fortune of seeing you one-on-one for a lovely healing session many years ago.  Nice to be writing to you now!

I am having a lot of anxiety about finding work, choosing a career direction, and balancing priorities of career versus mothering.  I am returning to the job market this year as a single, custodial, middle-aged mom after a recent divorce, years of being unemployed and a happily full-time homemaker mom, and many years devoted to my ex’s business. Before that, I had a highly stressful, demanding career in healthcare with long hours that I both loved and hated. Now, I want a job with hours where I can still be a good mom for my preschool age child, that will provide for us in our simple, down-sized lifestyle, and that I might even enjoy. I’m starting over from scratch in finances and social support post-divorce.  I dream long-term about grad school that would allow me to have my own practice, but that would take years of commitment to work experience and becoming a competitive applicant. I am deciding whether to pursue the career/grad school  path (long, irregular hours, high stress, likely night shift, difficult for parenting and child care but financially stable and rewarding), running an in-home child care (enjoyable, independent, allows me to be with my child and other kids, but goes nowhere for benefits, grad school application, or career), or the possibility of assisting part-time at my child’s school ( wonderful community, enjoyable, low pay, supportive of family life, irrelevant to career). I am feeling paralyzed about the tasks associated with taking action in any direction; none of it feels right.  I’m sure I could work hard and create an income, if only I could commit to a direction or a plan.  Not knowing who would care for my child while I devote long hours to work is the most stressful part.  We do not have family here to help. I want what every single mom wants:  affordable, stable, reliable, excellent care for my child—but I don’t know if that exists.  I don’t know any moms that work without the support of family, partner, and an expensive nanny.  I feel badly having her in child care if I return to career, but if I forgo career and do child care myself, I feel I am hurting my ability to be a good provider with a career.

What do you think, Marie? What tools could I use to open up to possibilities and the guidance of my guides and the Universe for some solutions and support in this physical realm?

Blessings and thank you,


Hi Anonymous,

You are so sweet, and a perfect example for so many readers.  First, on you’re “to do” list is to stop thinking and analyzing your life! Over analyzing any situation only slows down the universe in its ability to bring you that you most want. Stay present to the moment and when you do think, ponder only those things you want in your life. You eloquently spelled out all the things you don’t want in great detail. The universe is always listening to our words, thoughts and feelings and doing everything it can with its incredible power to deliver what we emote most into the world. You don’t need to figure out the details of your life to make it happen all you need to do is FEEL that what you really want is here right now in your life. Imagine not how it came to you but that it has already. The gratitude and surprise you feel is all the magic need for the universe to deliver your desires!!!

Best of luck in your new endeavor! Keep me posted!!


Dear Marie,

Thank you for all your amazing work.  I am so thankful for your guidance and admire your ability to be so grounded.

I like to think that I really “get what life is about” and feel like an inherently optimistic person.  However, right now I feel like I’m “baby stepping” my way into consciousness, feeling very raw.  In my journey of life, I feel I make leaps and bounds forward, but then something happens and I feel like I move several steps back to then find myself being self critical and ungrounded with myself.  How can I better connect or lessen the time felt in a “fog” to keep moving forward?  Perhaps it’s a small tweak to keep me more grounded?

2010 was really a great year for me, I felt like I was really learning self love and learning a lot about energy medicine which I love, and then things fell apart at the end of the year, leading me to now, where I find myself coming out of a fog that lasted months, and I’m struggling to find my way.  It’s like I see myself in this “fog” yet it’s hard to get out.  Old habits show themselves and I am hard on myself for not being aware enough to ground myself in different or stressful situations.  Am I just not listening to myself well enough or is it other influences as well like the lunar eclipse, etc. that all play a part in not connecting to myself or staying grounded?

I do see the beauty of my life lessons to help me truly feel self love.

I am really working to quit imposing my will on others, particularly as a step parent, any thoughts here?

Much love, thank you!


Hi Ronda,

I think you’re doing fantastic work. Most likely what you’re noticing and thinking is new, is really old, but now your awareness is on and your noticing behaviors you no longer want. Appreciate this conscious state you now occupy and simply stop your mind when those troubling thoughts come up. Get REALLY focused on the simplest of moments. If you’re drinking tea, allow your mind to pick up on each ingredient of the tea. This will impress your being with the tiniest of details. This awareness will expand your consciousness into the greatest reality you have ever known.  In these simple pleasures you will then attract (through your curiosity and happiness) what you know is yours!



Dear Marie,

I feel blessed to know you and I am feeling ashamed to need your services. A few years ago when I first met you, my life seemed to be on track and heading to fulfilling my purpose. I bought property(with some money my mother left me as a down payment), and have tried to turn it into a place for others to come find peace. Since then my life has rapidly gone from bad to worse and it seems to have no end.

I lost my job there, decided to move to my property and build a life here. I left my husband of nearly 30 years and really want to divorce but can’t seem to go forward. All this happened in 2008 and there is still no movement. He has a girlfriend and I have had a few disastrous (monetarily and mentally) crushing relationships.

My children live on the property with me and there has been constant strife with kids that were previously good friends. One is getting married this summer and most of our family has decided not to go to the wedding, but I really don’t want to hurt my son. I live with my daughter and her boyfriend and my younger son in a 3 br. doublewide. It’s ok usually, but we all feel no privacy and I am the only one bringing any income from my job at this time. We have had many talks about money and jobs, I know they are trying; it took me nearly 18 months. It’s a very difficult time.

I was hospitalized in Nov. 2009 for attempted suicide. My third attempt since I was 17. There are just too many things needing to be taken care of and I seem to be the one that has to fix them all. My husband took me off all financial papers when I was hospitalized and started to pay my daughter to care for me and her younger brother. He has since started to pay me something instead of her, but my parental role is damaged forever.

Life is a daily uphill battle, I just want to give up and let go. They can all take care of each other. My husband has started playing games with money so I know I need to do something to protect myself but it’s all so big, I want to let him have it all and bury myself in bed.  I have been in therapy and on meds since 2009; they helped a lot at the time. I was so frantic, and I still am grateful for them, but I think they may be losing their effectiveness .I feel so sad again. I’ve had hypnosis, 3 different holistic modalities, and reiki, anything I can think of. I guess I’m too desperate and looking outside for help when I know it’s only me that can do it. I no longer have insurance or access to much money or credit cards (I had to cancel mine, was living on it) My property and peace are still waiting, for me.

Can you help me with any of this? There are so many legal, financial, personal issues that need to be dealt with.

Thank you for being you.


Dear Ann,

I’m so sorry for your difficulties! And thank you for the courage to write in to the newsletter! The first thing I see is that you have an addiction to drama. Yes, people can have an addiction to emotions. Energy moves into our body based on how we feel, and when we feel dramatic about life then we attract even more drama. Life is meant to be calm and happy, which will feel very boring to you as you become comfortable with normal. You will need to evaluate what in your life is calm? It sounds like your property is for you. I personally don’t think living with your adult children is a calming experience for you. You over nurture your children and they take advantage of you. They need to figure out their own lives as you need to figure out your new life. If you could tap your heart chakra gently with a few fingers 5+ times a day (mid sternum), this could relax your need to please others. You need to become more selfish and take care of you first!!! Please stop worrying about others. You have enough going on in your life that needs your personal attention. You simply do not have the energy to take care of others right now. Focus on what feels good to you and do that regardless of how much others need you. Don’t worry what others think about you. If they really care they will be happy that you’re taking care of yourself!

I’m grateful you’re seeking therapy and are medicated due to the recent suicide attempt. For now, these are perfect supports for you. Remember take care of you first!

Once your life calms down and you’re comfortable with it then think about dating. Until then, you will most likely attract melodramatic relationships. Something no one needs!

All my love and light!



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